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The Single Most Important Part of Improvement?

I’ve got something a bit different for you today.

You see, attached is a golf improvement PDF that has almost everything a golfer could do to improve their golf game.


There is one B-I-G improvement aspect missing from it. Sadly, if you’re not doing what is missing from this PDF then you’ll never play consistently to your golf potential.

I’m sure you know what is missing, because my subscribers are a sharp bunch. But just to make sure here is what I need you to do…

Open up the attached PDF now. Click here to see it. (If you want to save it, right-click on it and select “Save target as”)

Study it and then leave your comment below and tell me what you think is the ONE B-I-G golf improvement focal point missing from the mind map.

I look forward to reading your answer shortly.

Hopefully it’s the correct one!

Either way, I’ll send you an email later this week that will reveal the answer.


P.S. I’m very serious about this. Open up the PDF now. It’s only 1 page but the one thing that’s left off will be a revelation for many, I’m sure. Are you one?

Take a look at the PDF then hit the reply button on your email program and let me know what the ONE B-I-G
thing missing from the mind map is and remember…

THE answer will be sent to you later this week so look out for that.

  • Bob Estes says:

    Just Play

  • Tony Davies says:

    I can honestly say I have no idea !!!

  • fran says:


  • John Ross says:

    The chart certainly seems complete, but I do not see any mention the importance of having a teacher work with you, especially with video equipment. Also, no mention of a golf bag.

  • Robert Ringin says:

    The only thing I can think of is Nutrition.

  • Brandon says:

    More than one ball for me thanks.

  • PAUL JENKINS says:


  • Christopher Byrd says:


  • richard meakin says:

    distance control
    choose the right club

  • Michael Sharman says:


  • Wayne says:

    A coach to help put it all together.

  • Twanda Mickle says:

    Jack, I am sure this is not the “right” answer, but one thing that I see missing from your model is GRATITUDE. I try to stay in an attitude of gratitude when I am on the course. Grateful for being able to play. Grateful for good weather. Grateful for a good bounce off the cart path or kick out of the trees. Grateful for good friends. Grateful for the nature, beauty and scenery on the courses I play. On and on and on. So grateful that when I hit a bad shot (which I often do with my 18 handicap), I still feel good about where I am and what I am doing, no matter what. Can’t wait to hear what the BIG idea is. 🙂

  • Patrick Fox says:

    Release the clubhead

  • Bob C. says:

    Have fun!

  • Russ says:


  • Ernie Balassa says:

    Hit the Ball

  • Joe Bundy says:

    The Beer cart Girl… Oh… And a good Cigar?

  • Broc says:


  • Art Slesinger says:

    Tempo control…as Arnie has always said SLOW DOWN

  • Greg says:

    Club fitting… are your clubs right for you?

  • Mark says:

    Don’t think about anything on the chart while you are playing.

  • Keith says:


  • Jay Cassen says:

    practice, practice, practice and visualize each shot!

  • Matt LaBrosse says:


  • letting a bad shot go

  • Dan says:

    Don’t overthink!

  • Mike C says:


  • Robert Jovez says:

    No mention of the golf coach

  • Gene says:

    An opponent, or game situational practice

  • John says:

    Play golf.

  • Robert says:

    There is no mention of physical practice.

  • Colin Doherty says:


  • Tim Darrington says:

    Playing partner for competion

  • Scott says:

    Any beginner that saw that chart would never pick up a club. They would be too intimidated. To me, once I have run through all the things listed, I would want a big eraser to eliminate all that stuff so I could go ahead and swing away.

  • Richard Clark says:

    Clear swing thoughts before address

  • Joyce Herr says:

    Where does the ball lie – fairway or rough, above or below feet or level ground.

  • Bret Hanson says:

    practice and practice

  • Vic says:

    Keep head still!

  • SHANU says:


  • Bob V. says:


  • J Silva says:

    Great riddle, I’ve looked at the mind section and I can’t figure it out! I can’t wait to get the answer.

  • toothgere says:

    Have Fun

  • Jose Cedano says:

    Breathing, several breathings…..

  • Wan Zul says:

    I would like to say practice too but change my mind, I would say ‘spiritual’ including belief, gratitude, forgiving, etc.

  • Mike Renner says:

    visualize the shot

  • SHANU says:


  • Marc McClelland says:

    A PGA instructor to put it all together for you.

  • Bob says:


  • T.J. says:


  • Jeff Gyllenskog says:

    Keep head still and watch the dang ball.

  • Michael says:

    I’d appreciate a golf bag, please.

  • Andy says:

    Environment – course condition, weather etc

  • Daniel Justice says:

    Have Fun!!!!

  • Fred Agustin says:

    What could be missing is : on the “Swing” Focus on hitting the ball first other than on a bunker shot.

  • Curt Deckert says:

    Practice to the point where all the swing mechanics and timing are managed by the automatic control of the brain. To do this the brain must be clear of internal and external distractions and have the ability to visualize and then execute the shot.

  • Maggie says:

    Eyes on the ball, head still.

  • Brian Pevlin says:

    Get out and play, and hit balls

  • brent mather says:

    Trust, committment to shot, love for the game

  • Bill says:

    You must BELIEVE that you can make the shots and putts you need to make if you’re going to improve and score well. After all, who believes in his abilities more than Tiger. Sure works for him!

  • John says:

    Be the ball

  • Dave says:

    Keep it Simple!!!

  • Gary Buterbaugh says:

    I didn’t see anything about golf etiquette. Or enjoying the outdoors

  • Niels says:

    Great chart. But what about head control – keeping it still with eyes on the ball and quieting it to let muscle memory take over before starting the back swing?

  • Joe says:

    The golf course.

  • Ravi says:

    Analysis of the shot – reading the lie, determining the scenario (laying up, versus going for the distance, etc, etc) – no point brings up that the current shot needs to be analysed before it can be visualized and planned. Course management is sort of a high level thing covering it, but really, the specifics about the shot don’t really get covered under either.

  • Agustin Magallanes says:

    Pgysical and mental consistency

  • J.A. Magallanes says:

    Physical and mental consistency

  • LARRY says:

    FRIENDS TO GOLF WITH !!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim says:


  • Del Rawlins says:

    Timming and let the club do the work with direct contact.

  • Sam Jones says:

    Trust your swing

  • Randy Bomey says:

    The target/green/cup to put the ball into.

  • Ray R says:

    Desire !!!

  • ray halastik says:


  • Jim says:

    the one thing I see as missing in in the equipment items and that is a BAG

  • charlie says:

    Improving your swing/ball striking or improving your scoring?

    If you are trying to improve your scoring, course management is huge.

    If you are trying to improve your swing/ball striking – you need a detailed plan – i.e. if you dont know where youre trying to get to, any road will take you there. Simply saying I want to get better doesnt mean anything. Going to the practice range or out to play with only the thought of “getting better” is pointless. You need specific objectives.

  • Gordon Holmes says:

    Eyes on the ball head still

  • curly golfer says:

    a golf course?

  • Roy Haines says:

    The missing factor is course management.

  • Swing practice before each shot

  • Bob Ransom says:

    Now hit the ball

  • Mark says:

    Pre-swing routine

  • bryan says:


  • Wayne says:

    Have fun at it anyway.

  • John says:

    Etiquette was missing.

  • Ed Almasy says:


  • Jim Henretta says:

    Having a coach is missing

  • Tim P says:

    Practice, practice, practice.

  • Bill Turner says:

    Eye on the ball

  • John Taborn says:

    I’sll keep playing. I do no know what the “missing” category seems you’ve covered everything!

  • Paul says:

    A coach that provides independent and objective feedback

  • John Taborn says:

    What’s missing?? I definitely want to know!

  • Arlin Luttrell says:

    Know the rules

  • RON says:


  • John McNult says:

    Reliable instruction from a qualified source.

  • Ron says:

    Enjoy the game.

  • Bob Kelly says:


  • Boosh says:

    So, from the pdf….. that’s ALL we need to be thinking about? Good lord….

  • I think the aspect of the game that’s missing are the “trouble shots”, like uphill and downhill lies, hitting from the rough, etc.

  • Don Rubright says:

    Time to work on everything on the chart

  • Ron says:


  • Gerald Sweeney says:

    ME !!

  • Let’s substitute B-I-G for “Be in good”, so to improve my golf game I need to “Be in good” company, hands, spirits, shape, health, mood. BE IN GOOD mental and physical conditions to conquer the course.

  • Bill Pittenger says:


  • KYee says:

    practice like you play and play like you practice…

  • George S says:

    Under Mantal: Knowledge of the rules of Golf
    Under Equipment: pencil (with erasor) and score card
    Or maybe it’s just BEER ! ! !

  • eamonn says:

    i think its about the clubs.

  • Alexander Brenner says:

    All though this takes in some of the items listed, Fortitude came to mind, however the one thing missing from play today is Courtesy.

  • George S says:

    And how to spell . . . That’s Mental

  • john says:

    Be aware of the course conditions and the elements.

  • Bernie D says:

    Practice ???

  • Steve Falconer says:

    setup and swing for the short game…they are different than the long game

  • Bernie D says:

    Second thought…have fun!

  • Peter McKee says:

    Just swing the club!

  • JOE B says:


  • Frank Johnson says:

    Practice with a purpose

  • Greg Lyons says:

    probably ‘dont think about any of this stuff while you are playing’

  • Luis Camejo says:

    Practice….. what do you think made Tiger sooooo good….

    Hours, Days and Years of Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Nadeen says:

    I thing practice is missing!!

  • Dennis says:

    Play at least 3 times a week.

  • charlie Wu says:

    B-I-G : Believe In God

  • Don Ernst says:

    Fun, if it isn’t fun you should be doing something else.

  • joe says:

    the one thing missing is to get to solid impact all the time.

  • Well, you’ve have a lot of things covered here. Let’s see. Perfect practice makes perfect is one. Know the basic golf rules, ettiquite, grateful being able to play in the first place. And moniter your progress.

  • Ed Weiss says:

    Follow through.

  • Steve says:


  • William L Phillips says:

    Taking Lessons Regularly

  • Robert Davidson says:

    The Best Instuctional Golf{B.I.G.}

  • Greg Phillips says:

    Teach and share this wonderful game with others.

  • Steven Wilson says:


  • Arnold Anderson says:


  • Phaldie says:

    Hit the ball sweetly without force and enjoy the gem.

  • Joe Ciccone says:

    your lucky rabbits foot ?

    naa…I go along with the guys that mentioned running in to the ‘beer girl’

    that will work for me.

  • Jeff says:

    Have Fun

  • Don Dolenec says:

    It looks like the one thing missing is that six ounce item between my ears.Lets call it the brain. The brain that tells me to kill the ball to go 300 yards and i miss hit it and it slices out of bounds.
    The same brain that scares me about going over water and i miss hit it and goes in the water.
    The mind is so powerful. All of the other items are great for the golf game but our brain is very good at screwing all of it up.
    Look at Tiger Woods. He wins so much just by using his brain and beating his opponents with the mind. He does better and they hit the ball in the water.
    Thanks for the great info

  • Barry says:

    Repetitive practice – it develops neuro-muscle memory so you can “do it” without letting the mass of fatty acids between your ears get in the way.

  • Ray W says:

    If one followed and practiced all these points you should have a great game.

  • Suds says:


  • Kevin Dunn says:

    Seeing the shot before ou hit it. Imagine the ball flight.

  • Ron M says:

    The only thing I can think of is to warm up (stretching swinging weighted club etc.)hitting balls on range or practiceground/ putting green prior to playing your round.

  • Agustin Ayala says:

    Feedback and Practice!!!! To check if you are improving and be able to re-direct your focus to whatever is not working properly…

  • Gary says:

    Yikes! Practice and stay cool.

  • Derron Wasp says:

    I think it’s missing having the time to practice all of those improvement points.

  • Connie Reid says:

    The BIG missing thing for me is “the will to do better at every shot”

  • Louis Cox says:

    Good friends to play with !!!

  • George Beasley says:

    Relax and Enjoy!

  • Jim R says:

    Just play

  • Claude Mason says:

    No mention of practice!

  • Kenneth Lai says:

    Grateful that my wife allows me to play twice a week ( I mean golf). I can enjoy all aspects of the game without restraint.

  • Tim B says:

    Keep it simple stupid and just hit the ball.

  • John Payne says:

    Soft Hands

  • Hank says:


  • Cesar says:


  • John Kimber says:

    Grip and Rip, and enjoy every moment that you have and remember to breath in and out.

  • George says:

    A plan for progress with passion. TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.

  • Tab Paenga says:


  • Jo Jewett says:

    Proper nourishment, replenishing fluids, a warm-up prior to round, along with a proper tee-time reservation at the course.

    Otherwise, you seem to have covered all the basis.

  • Tab Paenga says:


  • Mick Calder says:


  • Patrick Johnston says:


  • Richard S. says:

    Practice & focus

  • Sid says:

    Positive thinking.

  • Dan Looper says:

    Hit THROUGH the ball!!

  • Tom Haag says:

    B-I-G Belt it good I think every thing is covered.

  • Peter A says:


  • Wesley says:

    I don’t know but if it is practice I was advised that ‘practice makes permanent’ so my advice is to make sure you practice correctly.

  • Shane says:

    Regular lessons with a pro

  • Jim Allen says:


  • Clive Ridsdale says:

    Professional tuition. Not playing partners. Not golfing mates.

  • Jim Zofrea says:

    I wish I knew.

  • nick says:

    watch the ball!!

  • Kim McShane says:

    Mental toughness

  • Bob says:

    Personal Instructor

  • John Bros says:

    As everyone at Noke says, “Just Do It” and PLAY.

  • John Bros says:

    As everyone at Nike says, “Just Do It” and PLAY.

  • Ed says:

    “TRACKING” your perfromance! I don’t mean just your score which is important, but rather you should have a baseline of your performance and then track all the aspects of your golfing experience. This is a very important measuring tool for any golfer from hacker to craker. This will allow you to compare at anytime in the future where you have improved and where you need to consentrate your future efforts. Give yourself a pat on the back where you’ve improved and and where you need further improvement set out your plan to get there.

  • Mike Chapman says:

    Good friends to play golf with that both challenge you and make it fun.

  • Jim A says:

    No mention of an instructor.

  • Tony Guerino says:


  • Laurie O'Connor says:

    Obviously PRACTICE is missing.

  • Lester Seefeldt says:


  • Glen Dinwoodie says:


  • Jaime says:

    Improvement plan is missing. Evaluating each round, selecting problems and practicing with a a teacher or friend how to improve, and further new evaluation, precticing continously, until ingrane muscels to work in auto mode.

    And in Swing would add “80% strength”.

    Also would add Etiquette rules as a separate focus.

  • Simon Teo says:

    Relax and enjoy Simon says…

  • Doris says:


  • joshua lee says:

    buggy bagg , meditation, streching, coatching

  • Develop a repetitive swing. Belive in the game and yourself.

  • dennis Flynn says:

    As Kevin Costner did before he pitched in the movie For The Love Of The Game, “Clear the Mechanism”. Or as stated by Costner ‘s caddy Cheech Marin in Tin Cup. “Alright now, tie your left shoe in a double knot. Right now, Roy, do it. Turn your hat around backwards. Turn your hat around”.
    Get your mind off the mechanics, you already know all that stuff; let your muscle memory take over, see the shot, swing the club.

  • Keith says:

    Head still eye on the ball

  • john d says:

    finding time to play and time to think about all that is in the chart

  • James says:

    ENJOY PLAYING GOLF, If you cannot do that, you may as well quit!

  • chaz says:

    Environment – Golf course, weather, conditions etc

  • kIM says:


  • Dan Hogan says:

    The missing item is the ability to focus on so much at one time.

  • Jon says:


  • Jon says:


  • MICK says:

    dont forget to have fun…..

  • Carl says:

    The only thing I see missing is to put your “Brain In Gear”
    Most people I see on the Golf Course are playing Knee Jerk Golf, meaning that they are just reacting to the last shot and Never planning ahead. They are mearly reacting to where they are at the moment. Thinking ahead and playing a round with the way you are playing during that round in mind, will allow you to take advantage of your strengths and play away from your weaknesses. If you’ve ever really watched Tiger when he’s grinding out a round, you will understand what I am talking about…

  • Matt D says:

    Instruction / Coaching

  • Bill Goodpaster says:

    Desire and specific practice objectives.

  • Jim M says:


  • Jim Mackey says:

    Hitting the fairway with driver!

  • Renato Kapauan says:

    Consistency – Im a 17 handicapper and couldnt get it lower because
    of some blow out holes where I get a triple or sometimes a double par!!


  • Gale James says:

    Great grid!!! I think what’s missing is “Club Selection.”

  • Gale James says:

    If you don’t know what club to pull out of the bag for a shot, that’s a B.I.G. problem!

  • Fred says:

    Your goals

  • dikky says:


  • Medlatif says:

    How your backswing?it’s up to you (just look at Jim Furyk), the most important part is your downswing. Make sure you start with your hip (don’t turn) move to your side and bring your weight to your left, then make sure your right elbow almost touch your right side (belly).Then, my friend release the club head, how to release? Twist your right palm so it will over the left (just observe all the tour pro you will see this). THIS IS THE BIG SECRET to all fluid and powerfull tour pro swing. Try it, Enjoy it.

    Please give your feedback to me :

  • Michael Pace says:

    Don’t stand too close to the ball after you hit it.
    Just play and don’t think. Too many comments are thinking way too much!!

  • hank hall says:

    a copy of your “how to break 80” program

  • Denny Smitherman says:

    Practice, play, and stay focused.

  • Saliba Sassine says:

    It changes as you progress as a golfer. It starts off being the fundamentals, then it moves to refinement, and then onto fitness, onto nutrition, and then onto the mental thing … and that’s the beauty of the game. There is no “Single Most Imprtant Thing” on a long term basis. It changes as you change and develop. It’s dynamic because so many things need to come together.

  • john says:

    Hi Jack ,
    I agree with another of your contributors , to be grateful for the opportunity to play , good or bad

  • Jun says:

    Club Selection

  • Instruction/Teaching

  • Javier Castaño says:

    I don´t which is the BIG thing missing ,but i agree with TWANDA MICKLE.
    GRATITUDE. -When i decided stop worriing about my bad shots and said
    THANKS MY GOD for letting me enyoy the field ,my partners the nature etc. I improved my scores.

  • Tajammul says:

    anger control

  • Bruce Ritchie says:

    your score !

  • I would appreciate a Golf Bag as well, but there is no mention of timing.

  • Eddie HUtt says:

    Clear your mind

  • Brandon Gilham says:

    inhale and exhale slowly, then hit the ball

  • Tom Sletten says:

    Light grip pressure throughout the swing. Keeps the fast-twitch muscles active for maximum speed and release. Also keeps too much muscle tension from building up which hinders good tempo and smooooooth swinging. (I just wish I could follow my own advice, I’d be scratch instead of a 6.)

  • T N Tan says:

    Fitness Training and fault feedback.

  • Arjun D says:

    Jack – the following appear to be missing:

    a) Playing to / reading – Course conditions
    b) Breathing techiques (breath plays a vital part in calming the mind)
    c) Correct / comfortable apparel

  • Rakesh Khanna says:

    Equipment – customer fitting – selection of right clubs & grips – these items should fit according to your physical characteristics and not vice-versa.
    Secondly, I know, you criticize in your dvds – thinks positive – look at the present shot as it is and once decided the kind of shot you are going to execute it, go ahead and do it. Do not question your decision and believe in it. Regards.

  • wicee says:

    the single most important part of golf imrovement is to find a proper set up posture which can allow to hit the ball with sweet spot of golf club.

  • Patrick says:

    Setting objectives and measuring results

  • bob wade says:

    CLEAR THE MIND….With all those thoughts it’s paralysis from analysis unless you do!

  • Ray Chavez says:

    Consistent swing and timing.

  • Ian Vause says:

    Hit the ball

  • Mitesh Desai says:

    The missing part is improving the ” feel and touch ”

    Most great players play by feelings and seems to have great touch because that play by feel.

    Great touch can be achieved only if you can feel the putt length with subconscious mind as if you are tying a shoe lace.

  • darren says:

    Enjoy yourself

  • Shahrubahari says:

    I have to agree with some of you. A second person has to be around to tell you what you will do wrong despite the accessories. He/she might not be even a coach or trainer.

  • Kiki Zainal says:

    every player should have ability of consistent (commited to your shot), even Tiger Woods should have to.

  • Michael G says:

    There is no mention of a practise routine and also the different conditions eg the lie, wind strength, course conditions

  • david says:

    belief in yourself.

  • Peter B Sykes says:

    Club Selection

  • Snelly says:

    A Cold Beer!

  • tony says:

    belief, you can do all the other stuff till you drop but if you dont believe in you can do it you never will

  • George Treacy says:

    no mention of the ball. can not play without a ball.


    there was not a pdf file for me to look at so I can’t say

  • Karl says:

    Talent (& Luck & youth)

  • yyh says:


  • Shane says:


  • james says:

    attitude beleaving you can do it when you play

  • Idris Abdulwahab says:

    What is missing is the GAME FLOW. This is the ability to put all elements together with an ingrain flow which gives you the chance to play without worries in your mind and that puts in the ‘zone’.

  • mike v says:

    Break’n 80!

  • Olin says:

    Proper amount of rest/sleep the night before playing oo practicing golf is one thing I see missing from the chart to reach one’s full potential.

  • Jack Hamilton says:

    What club do I need to make this shot?

  • Tom Feely says:

    Put every suggestion together and we will be off scratch!!!, what about club selection?. Regards Tom.

  • Atul Shah says:

    Go out and play. Think Positive!!

  • Perfect and deliberate practice makes perfect and
    The RULE of 10,000 are missing.

    Practice does not make perfect, but
    practice makes permanent (good and bad).

    If you were to consider all components of the right side
    of the diagram – (Physical) and practice them to the
    tune of 10,000 “ball strikes”, you would be well on the way
    to learning how to build/ find confidence, to breaking 80.

    When you gain confidence in the execution of
    the Set up, Swing, Short game and putting through the
    deliberate practice your Mental side will improve as well.
    Self-Doubt and Fear are the product of Anxiety, but once you
    have confidence in your ability, good Self –Talk and Positive
    Attitude will take over.

    Tiger had reached 10,000”HOURS” of practice by
    the time he was 18 years of age.

  • Mark says:

    B-I-G??? Be in the Game? Be into Golf?

    I have no clue.

  • Jim says:

    take it and use it on the practice tee

  • PHIL FIVIS says:

    How about distance control/accuracy?

  • KJ says:

    Just do it!…practice, implement, play, enjoy!

  • jo says:

    enjoy yourself

  • Mike Wiggins says:

    What is missing is “the Ball”

  • Brian Hall says:

    Golf bag

  • Art Reed says:

    just play.

  • Phil says:

    commit to the shot

  • Johnie says:

    Relax – (let your mind take over)

  • Graham Burman says:

    First time I’ve replied to any of your reqeusts.

    I work part time as a caddie and before the first customer tees off I always tell them to have fun. I always play better when enjoying myself.

  • Colin Brenchley says:

    This seems to cover everything my only comment would be fluid listed under health I would put that under equipment to me this is vital and I notice many of my playing partners do not carry a drink with them relying on course taps etc is unreliable .Keep up the good work.

  • Trev Tainsh says:


  • Matt S. says:

    The target!

  • Bev Waterman says:

    Learning the Rules of Golf

  • Ed says:

    LOVE. Love the game

  • Lynn says:


  • matt says:

    precise practise

  • Karl says:

    Correct practice

  • Dave says:

    True Gravity….
    “Nowhere does a man go naked as he does before a discerning eye all dressed for golf”

  • Carl says:


  • Marceliano Cabrera says:

    Hydration, nutrition, sunblock

  • ed says:

    just go out and have fun

  • Michael Brennan says:

    The cynic in me says that you will accept the most common answer – free marketing!
    However, The non-cynic in me (more than 50%) says that the missing element is “being alive” because without that you cannat do any of the other parts.

  • Orland says:

    Love the game and those who make it possible (now and in the past).

  • Jack says:

    Get on the course & play!

  • Len Pellman says:


  • t says:

    Practice and Play is missing

  • t says:

    Forgot to mention “Confidence’

  • Peter Dobson says:

    How do I open the PDF file to see the answer obn Page 10 .

  • Douglas Chisholm says:


  • John Oakes says:

    Too many distractions

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