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Golf Driving Tips

Beating Buried Lies: Five Key Techniques

How To Handle Buried Lies

Stiffing an approach shot often spells trouble. If the ball hits the green hard and takes a bad bounce, you could find yourself buried in the deep grass behind the green.

That’s not where you want to be.

Saving par from there is a challenge. The problem is the grass. It twists the club head as it cuts through it, closing the club face and preventing solid contact. Adjusting your swing and stance helps beat a buried lie.

Six Keys To Making This Shot

  • Play the ball forward
  • Open the clubface slightly
  • Set your grip and clubface even
  • Hinge the clubhead slightly
  • Hold your upper body back
  • Hit an inch or two behind the ball

Making the right adjustments is critical with buried lies. The key is creating a shallower angle of attack. That keeps the club face open through impact, lofting the ball high and soft.

  • Take a slightly open stance, with the ball just off the heel of your forward leg. Open the club face slightly, which produces more height, and align the grip of the club with the club head. You want them even.
  • Hinge your wrists slightly on the backswing, but hold your body back as you come down and through the grass. That creates the steep angle of attack you need to beat this lie. Think U-shaped swing.
  • Aim an inch or two behind the ball as you come down. Hitting behind the ball helps slide the clubface under the ball and pops it up softly. Open the clubface more for shorter shots.

Stiffening an approach shot can bury you in deep grass. But you don’t have to let a bad lie stop you from carding par. Make the adjustments described above and you’ll increase your chances of facing a makable putt.  


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