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Hit Bombs Off The Tee Without Changing Your Golf Swing

Admit it. There’s nothing better than launching one from the tee box. In fact, it’s one of the highlights of playing golf—especially if the shot lands in the middle of the fairway. So it’s understandable when a golfer amps up his or her golf swing trying to hit one long and straight off the tee.

But swinging harder doesn’t get the job done. It just throws your golf swing completely out of whack. That causes you to block your shot right, pull it dead left, or otherwise mis-hit the ball. That gets you in trouble right off the tee, which can cost you strokes.

7 Golf Tips on Hitting Lasers From Tight Golf Lies

Hitting from tight golf lies intimidates some golfers. Tight lies weren’t as common a few years ago as they are now. Now they’re prevalent. They’ll continue to increase as more and more courses look to irrigate less to conserve water and help the environment. Courser superintendents are doing the smart thing. But that doesn’t make …

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7 of My Best “Two-Minute” Power-Packing Golf Tips

Boosting power off the tee eases the pressure on your short game. The farther you hit your drives, the shorter your approach shots. The shorter your approach shots, the more chances you have of hitting the green in regulation. Hitting more greens in regulation increases your birdies and pars and chops strokes off your scores …

7 of My Best “Two-Minute” Power-Packing Golf Tips Read More »


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