How I Outdrove a Guy Half My Age...

(And You Can Too)...

Add 30-50 Yards to Your Drives Consistently, and Leave Your Playing Partners Green With Envy... Here's How...

By Jack Moorehouse, "Regular Joe"-turned 5 Handicap Golfer

I Couldn't Believe They Were LAUGHING At My Shot... So I Vowed to Get My Revenge...

There I was, on the first tee... swinging with all my might...

One of my buddies had brought a "new guy" to fill out our foursome. Some "hot shot" younger sales guy from his office.

I thought I hit it "pretty good" off the tee... but the sun was low and I lost it off my club.

When I saw where it had landed, my mouth swung open.

On this long par 4 of about 350 yards...

My ball hadn't even broken 200.

In fact... I had longer to go than I had hit it.

The new guy snickered behind his expensive designer sunglasses.

"Nice drive, pops," I heard him near-whisper under his breath.

And though my buddy "shushed" him quickly... I'm a little ashamed to admit that I was so boiling mad I wanted to sock the guy one right in his bleached teeth.

You see... I knew I was no spring chicken anymore (heck look at me).

But as the years passed by, I completely underestimated how much distance I was losing off the tee.

Back in the day I could hit a ball close to 270 yards, no sweat. And this is with those old-school titanium-head "Big Berthas" from the 90s.

I started losing a little bit of distance... then a little bit more... and a little more...

And before I knew it, I was balling up my fists, wanting to show this kid that I could hit it just as far as he could.

There was only one problem:

How in the Heck was I going to hit the ball a lot further at my age?

When I wake up in the morning, I'm as stiff as a board. My back snap-crackles-and-pops like a bowl of rice krispies and milk.

I'm not a big guy either; I'm only 5'8" (though I've put on a few pounds through the years).

I definitely don't have the physique of a Bryson or Brooks... and I'm too darned old to lift weights.

It seemed like a lost cause to even try to go longer off the tee.

Yet one thing that I've always prided myself on is this:

If I want to accomplish something, I'll always give it a good honest try.

That bozo my buddy had brought to our foursome... and his big mouth laughing at me... well... that was about as good of motivation as any to keep going.

How I Found My "Swing Yoda" (And 3 Easy Tips He Gave Me to Unlock the Power In My Swing)

I searched far-and-wide for a teaching pro who could actually make a difference in my swing.

I didn't want some young hot shot who would tell me "Just swing harder, bro!" and collect his outsized paycheck.

No, I was looking for my own personal "Swing Yoda."

Yoda is such a great character in Star Wars because he's so little and unassuming.

When Luke Skywalker first meets him... he thinks Yoda's some dim-witted trickster looking to rob him blind...

But then before you know it... Yoda's lifting Luke's spaceship out of the muck using only his mind!

Yoda's NOT big...

He's NOT strong...

He's over 800 years old...

And yet there he is... lifting spaceships out of the swamp.

Littler guy... older... no muscles...


That was the kind of coach I was looking for!

I wanted someone who was older... who knew the kinds of limitations that were on my body...

Someone who wasn't built like an adonis...

Someone who didn't have long arms and legs that gave them natural leverage...

I asked around a bunch... and while I got a bunch of names... one guy really stood out:

A Top Swedish Club Flew Him In One Summer to "Fix" Their Young Golf Pros...

And an honest-to-goodness $100 millionaire flew him to South America to be his private coach another year.

I was tipped off to Bobby Eldridge by a good friend of mine... and I thank the golf gods every day that buddy of mine made the introduction.

Like me, Bobby's a bit older now: he's in his late 60s.

He's not a huge guy either: he's about average height (or even a little shorter than me).

And that pic above doesn't need to be shirtless for you to see that he's no Ahnold with rippling muscles.

Yet when I first met Bobby, he had me meet him on the driving range.

I'm telling you... this guy was absolutely bombing the ball off the tee.

If he wasn't over 300 yards each time, he was really darned close!

Bobby's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet... and he talked my arm off showing me one distance tip after another.

Here are 3 big-time distance tips he showed me that really helped me out quickly:

Maximum Distance Tip #1: Grip It Like THIS For MAXIMUM DISTANCE

I'm a firm believer that the right grip can change everything for a weekend golfer.

Yet here I was, with Bobby in a swing bay on the range, and he said something that was super obvious in hindsight:

"You want to check your grip?"

Right... like I wouldn't check my grip before I...

Ohhhh! He was right!

As I had gotten older... (and my hands had gotten a little stiffer)... I had very subtly changed my grip on the club.

There was something just a little bit off about my grip that was causing me to push a lot of my shots off to the right.

Not only that... but I was playing with grips that were too big for my hands!

He showed me the ideal way to grip the club... and measure how big of grips I needed.

Just this change alone helped me hit the ball straighter again, and added a good 15 yards distance to my drives.

Maximum Distance Tip #2: Unlock THIS Kind of Power In Your Swing

If you think a golf swing is just a straight line, back-and-forward... 

Think again!

There is a whole other dimension to your swing that unlocks existing power that you don't even know about:

Rotational Power.

By adding a good, round backswing, and similar good round downswing to your shot off the tee... you can generate up to 20 extra miles per hour on your swing speed.

It's the difference between being an old duffer like me, piddling along at about 75 miles per hour of swing speed...

And a far more respectable 95 miles per hour of swing speed.

Implementing the round backswing and round downswing got me those 20 miles per hour of swing speed and then some.

For me, that translated into another 20 yards consistently in my swing.

Maximum Distance Tip #3: How to Properly "Load the Spring" (and Unload It) For Unlimited POWER

A lot of weekend golfers take their weight shift for granted.

It's either something that kind of just "happens"... or too often they simply aren't shifting their weight through the ball properly.

Unfortunately for them, a proper weight shift ("Loading the Spring", as I call it) can be the difference-maker in getting a nice low-rising shot with tons of power.

When you know how to properly "Load the Spring," and then unload it along with your proper grip and rotational swing...

It can make a BIG difference as to how far your ball goes.

In fact, after a couple of sessions of working on this with Bobby, it got me another consistent 15 yards off the tee.

Just these 3 tips alone added 50 yards of distance to my swing.

Bobby had a ton more of these... and each time I put one into my swing... I gained a little more distance... then a little more...

The Rematch: I Played With Laughing Boy Again and Here's What Happened...

After a few weeks of sessions with Bobby, I invited my buddy to play a round at Bobby's club... and to "bring that young sales guy again."

"Uh... are you sure, Jack?"

I could tell he remembered what had happened the last time... and wanted to protect me. He's a good buddy!

I told him to bank on it, and before I knew it, we were on the first tee.

I'll admit it: I had a bit of a case of "butterflies in my stomach."

What if I made a fool of myself again? What if I hit it even shorter this time?

Then I looked over at the pro shop... and saw Bobby standing there with a big grin... giving me a thumbs up.

I teed up my ball. The group in front of us must've been 300 yards up.

"Shouldn't you yell 'four!', big hitter?" the sales guy quipped.

I gritted my teeth and checked my grip... 

...went through the round backswing... 

...and then the round downswing...

I hit every checkpoint Bobby had showed me...

And used every bit of knowledge he had imparted to me about power.

(It probably helped that I imagined Sales Guy's head as the ball).

I felt nothing as I swung through the ball.

This time, I saw the ball all the way off the club...

It was a perfect drive... with a very slight draw... right down central. Had to be 270 or 280 at least.

Sales Guy couldn't believe it. I just smiled at him and said, "Beat that, Tex."

He teed the ball up next. I could tell he was putting a little something extra into his swing this time.

Sales Guy jerked the club back as fast as he could... and swung through the ball with all of his might...

And came up 15 yards short of me.

This time it was my buddy and me laughing... we didn't even try to hide it.

And it was Sales Guy's turn to be beet red and embarrassed.

I looked at the pro shop and acknowledged Bobby with my club... and he shot back a big old smile.

To this day, it was one of the greatest moments I've ever had on a golf course.

I Want You to Feel the EXACT Same Way When You Stride Up to the Tee Box...

I want you to feel like you're 50 feet tall and made out of diamond...

So confident in your ability to drive the ball straight down the fairway that you never "keep the driver in your bag"...

And so consistently long that you may even have to start hitting a hybrid or 4 iron on shorter par 4s since you might go over.

I want the other 3 guys in your foursome to whistle approvingly when you really get all of one off the tee...

(And if you have a guy like Sales Guy that you play with? I want him to be so green with envy he looks like the Incredible Hulk!).

It may sound a little funny, but here goes: I've even noticed this little extra bit of confidence on the golf course flow over into my day-to-day life.

I feel happier... and more fulfilled. "Little things" that used to really tick me off don't bother me as much anymore.

I want all of this for you too!

There's only one small issue:

There's only one Bobby... and his services are in high demand!

How to "Fly In" Bobby to Help Unlock the Distance In Your Swing, Anytime, Anywhere

(Warning: You DO NOT Have to Be a $100 Millionaire (or Even $100 Thousandaire) to Make This Happen!)

Now let me be clear: my lessons with Bobby were not cheap.

As I mentioned above... Bobby can charge in excess of $200 per hour for golf lessons due to his results and pedigree.

I don't mind sharing that in all, I probably spent over $2,000 working with Bobby to gain all of that distance back on my swing (and then some).

It was money very well spent.

Like I said, I thank the golf gods daily that they put me in touch with him.

And I 100% realize that kind of cash is potentially a big investment in your golf game.

However... as I also mentioned before... Bobby is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met.

And one day, he and I got to talking about how I thought his talents are kind of "wasted" by only giving private lessons.

I told him there's a whole big audience out there who would love to learn from someone as accomplished as him.

Of course, he put on the old "aw shucks" routine...

But I was adamant--I thought he could really improve a lot of golfers' games if we could somehow reach a wider audience.

That's when I had an idea:

We could record the exact same lessons Bobby gave me that unlocked the power in my swing... and get them to you through the magical power of the internet.

So we did just that.

I arranged for a film crew to come out and record pretty much exactly the same info in those private lessons Bobby had given me...

And now we're ready to share them online for you, right here, right now, instantly, for a small fraction of the price that I paid:

Introducing Our How to Break 80: MAXIMUM DISTANCE Video

I took all of the priceless tidbits of golf wisdom from my lessons with Bobby... and distilled it down into about 60 power-packed minutes of tips, tricks, and techniques to go "super long" off the tee.

Don't worry: there's no "goo-roo mumbo-jumbo" in here. Bobby explains everything in very plain English, and makes complex concepts super simple.

(Heck, an old duffer like me was able to understand and use these tips, so you should absolutely be able to too!)

Here are Just a Few of the Priceless Nuggets of Golf Wisdom Inside...

  • The "Pro's Secret" to Maximizing Power At Impact - It's a little bit "counter-intuitive"... but once you know it... you'll think about the power in your already-existing swing in a totally different way (1:06)
  • Two Common "Grip Faults" that Sap Power From Your Swing -  Most weekend golfers do both of these things... yet when you eliminate them you'll unlock "latent power" in your swing almost immediately. (3:18) 
  • Do You Waste All of Your Time On the Range? Here's how to tell... plus exactly what to do instead to maximize power (down to the number of balls to hit (5:49)
  • "Toe the Ball" Too Much? Here's a simple adjustment you can make to your swing that will get you hitting a plumb-flush draw each and every time (7:32)
  • How to Add a "Third Dimension" to your swing to increase acceleration to impact for MAXIMUM power... (10:13)
  • 4 "Sliding Sins" That Throw Your Swing Out Of Alignment -  Many weekend golfers do these unconsciously... yet they keep your swing incredibly inconsistent... and kill any chance for REAL power in your swing (12:25)
  • The Simple "Swing Tweak" to Hit Your Drives Plumb Flush Every Time - At first it may seem a little uncomfortable... though once you master this simple "swing tweak" you'll wonder how you EVER hit a drive without it (14:12)
  • This "Lift Trick" Makes You Increase Your Launch Angle -  Launch angle + clubhead speed at impact = explosive distance. This "Lift Trick" handles one side of the equation (17:27)
  • The "Perfect Power Path" to the Ball: There are exactly four paths to the ball from the top of a proper backswing. Three of them are incorrect. Here's how to identify and implement the correct one consistently (22:54)
  • "The Chair Drill" - Bobby's golf pro mother had him do this to increase his downswing rotation and speed... and now he's passing this priceless family secret on to you! (25:33)
  • If You Can Get to THIS Checkpoint In Your Swing - You will maximize your downswing power! (29:05)
  • 3 Keys to the "Ideal Weight Shift" - Once you can combine your rotational power with a perfectly-timed weight shift... you will add TONS of distance to your drives! (34:17) (p. 77)
  • Keep THIS Arm Longer Through Your Swing to increase your leverage and power (here's how to do it) (40:12)
  • Pulling it All Together Into the "Perfect Release" -  unloading the spring in the ideal manner to maximize club head speed at impact (47:34)

And much much more!

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg... because what I didn't mention is this:

(BONUS!) 5 proven practice drills with Bobby showing you exactly how to do them. Bobby and I used exclusively these drills in our training sessions... and now you get to see Bobby do them on-screen, as many times as you like.

If you ONLY practice these drills for 2 sessions of 10-20 minutes per week... you WILL notice a difference in your distance off the tee within the first month!

Now at this point I know a few things that you're thinking:

"I Don't Have Time to Do All of This Practice & Training"

All I ask is that you do 10-15 minutes of practice with the drills provided 2-3 times per week.

Almost all of the drills don't require a driving range or putting green. That's 100% on-purpose so that you can do them in the basement... driveway...garage... or backyard.

Heck you don't even need a ball for many of them.

Bobby specifically designed them that way so that I couldn't use the old "But I can't get to the club!" as an excuse.

"I'm Too (Old / Short / Weak / Whatever) For This to Work!"

First of all, look at that picture of me above. I'm no spring chicken anymore.

I'm only 5' 8" (so about average)... and I haven't lifted a weight in over a decade.

Not only that... but Bobby himself is an older guy now... and he isn't some muscle-bound Adonis.

Yet both of us have used the tips and tricks in this video to gain dozens of yards on our drives.

Not to mention that Bobby has helped thousands of other golfers of ALL different shapes and sizes add dozens of yards of distance to their drives.

I'm a "doer" by nature... and not one for excuses.

Whenever I "give in" to the excuses in my head... I find that I'm generally right.

So if I think I'm "too old"?

I'll feel older. I'll shuffle my feet more... and walk slower.

But if I push myself... and think "Hey, that guy's just as old as I am... he's smaller than me... and he's absolutely bombing the ball?"

I find that I have a bit more "pep in my step" when I do realize my goal.

I move a little better... my bones don't creak as much...

And I feel more useful, if that makes sense?

"That's Great and All Jack... But How Much Is This Going to Run Me?"

It's a good question... but first let me ask you a question:

How much would you spend for private lessons with Bobby specifically to gain 30-50 yards on your drives consistently?

For me, that number was "$2,000, easily."

And that's still what you would pay for 10 or so private lessons with Bobby.

Yet in this streaming series... you'll get exactly the same instruction I got for a small fraction of the price.

Think of it as "the world's biggest group lesson" with one of the best teaching pros out there...

...yet done in a way that's 100% private... where you can watch each lesson on the device of your choosing... exactly when you want to.

For example... you can brush up on a lesson right before hitting the range... or even AT the range on your phone...

I've sold each of these streaming videos for as much as $199 in the past.

For a long time there they were $99.

But I'm kind of "relaunching" How to Break 80 now... and want to bring in as many new folks into the community as possible.

So for a limited time... you're NOT going to pay $199...

...or even $99...

Today, because I want to increase the size of our Break 80 community... and help the most golfers possible...

(Recognizing the shaky economy we're currently in)...

For a limited time I'm discounting the price of Maximum Distance even further.

Today you'll just pay a grand total of:

That's a full 75% off of the original price... and the lowest price I've ever offered this streaming video in this format.

Wouldn't you pay $49 as an "add-on" for your next round to add even 20 yards to each club?

Now imagine gaining that distance round after round... without having to pay each time!

Plus did I mention my 30-day Comprehensive Money Back Guarantee?

If you buy this streaming course... and practice all of the drills inside at least twice a week for 30 days... and you don't see an improvement in your scores...

Simply contact my team and I'll happily refund your money.

(I've had a grand total of one refund in the time I've had this course available for sale... so I happily stand behind what's in the course).

Remember, you get all of the tips above...

All of the drills with Bobby showing you exactly how to do them...

All delivered to you immediately and electronically...

Plus you get to see the open mouths and envious glares of your playing partners as you start bombing "the longest drives of your life" round... after round... after round...

So Now the Choice Is Yours...

Do you want to add REAL distance to your golf game?

Or not?

Option 1 is to "stay the course."

Say "No thanks, Jack--I'm good..." and keep doing what you're doing.

Maybe at some point you decide to spend $2k on lessons...

(Probably with a pro who's not as experienced or doesn't have that same "IT" factor as Bobby)...

And that pro will probably try to convince you that "You don't really NEED" to hit the ball longer to get better!" or "Someone your age / height / etc. should really focus on putting."

You can keep getting outdriven and embarrassed by all of the "Sales Guys" out there.

How will all of that feel to you?

Probably not all that great, I'm guessing.

Heck I know how it feels--pretty darned crummy.

Or you can take advantage of this rare opportunity to get Bobby's top-notch, 100% "add more distance"-focused instruction at this price.

You can get exactly the kind of "distance-focused" training you need from one of the top "hidden gem" pros in the world...

Have access to him 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, literally in the palm of your hand...

Add at least 10-20 yards to your drives within a few short weeks of starting...

"Fast-forward" to adding even more distance the longer you keep practicing and ingraining the tips inside...

And hitting the ball further than you ever thought possible.

What would that feel like?

To have the admiration and jaw-dropping shock of your playing partners as you slam long drives off the tee?

To be the one who outdrives all of your buddies... 

...and have multiple real shots at putting for eagle on par 5s per round.

It's a feeling that I've personally experienced... and let me tell you... it feels pretty darned good.

All that's left to do is click the button below now... enter your payment info on the next page... and get fast, immediate delivery of this groundbreaking MAX DISTANCE COURSE as soon as you hit the button:


Jack Moorehouse

P.S. - I'll tell you what--I'm going to throw in a copy of my own eBook Maximum Distance when you click the button above now and buy the video course. It's my way of saying "thanks" for putting your faith in Bobby and me.

P.P.S. - This is the lowest price you'll find this course at in this format ever. I will be discontinuing this sale at sometime in the near future, once I reach my number for new members of the How to Break 80 community. It could be 2 weeks from now... it could be tomorrow. All I know is this deal WILL NOT last forever... so click the button above now to get this groundbreaking MAX DISTANCE course while the offer still stands...


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