The Five Most Costly Mistakes In Golf:

How Many Are You Making Right Now?

PLUS: Easy-to-Learn Essentials to Improve Your Game & Make You a TOP 2% GOLFER...

My name is Jack Moorehouse. I'm not a golf pro - I'm an "Average Joe" just like you... I can explain "complicated" golf terms in very simple, straightforward language.

I'm a working man (yes still!) and I golf on my downtime, though I've settled on a 5 handicap. 

I've always been a player going all the way back to college... but at one point I got busy with work and gave up the game for a decade...

After a lot of practice... tinkering... lessons... and more than a few false starts and dead ends... I FINALLY got my swing back.

This is the story of how I got WAY better at golf (and you can too)...

I Didn't Know What Was Going to Be More Expensive to Replace: The Patio Umbrella My Shot Had Just Destroyed... Or the Guy's Lunch My Ball Had Just Landed In...

Let me back up a little bit:

My buddy had invited me to a round at one of those really swanky clubs. 

You know the kind: you can drop off your shoes to get polished... do your dry cleaning while you play... the whole nine.

I hadn't played all that much in a very long time--I had been too focused on my work.

So I told myself, "Relax Jack... live a little bit! Play a round... have a nice dinner... it'll be great!"

It all started when I was a little bit behind... and didn't get to hit anything on the range.

As I stepped up to the first tee box and teed up the ball, I could feel that something was wrong.

I grabbed my club... squared up to the ball...

And promptly shanked it right into that poor man's lunch setup.

(As I sheepishly walked over the check out the damage and saw lobster on his plate... I knew this would end up being one of the most expensive rounds of golf I'd ever played).

I couldn't believe it--my face must've been beet red...

More than a few people laughed, and one jerk even gave me a "standing ovation."

It was one of the worst moments of my life... and definitely the worst I've felt on a golf course, before or since.

I just wanted to take the greenskeeper's shovel... dig a deep hole... and crawl inside.

While I Definitely Was Never Invited Back to That Club.. I Vowed to NEVER Feel Humiliated Like That On a Golf Course Again...

A lot of folks would've given up on golf for good after that...

After all... it's easy to think after even a bad round that "I'll just quit the game and never come back."

However... that's just not how I'm built.

I'm not a quitter... and I don't shrink away from challenges.

(I'm guessing that since you're reading this, we're cut from the same cloth).

I still loved the game of golf... and absolutely wanted to get back to where I had been before.

So I did something pretty radical (at the time):

I went out and bought a brand-new video camera (practically had to take out a second mortgage on the house back then)...

And I started filming my golf swing... looking for errors and "bad habits" I had developed by not playing for years and years.

As I went back and watched the tape... I noticed 5 key swing flaws that were holding me back from my full potential on the course.

I want to share these with you in the hope that they will help your golf game as much as they've helped mine:

#1: This "Grip Tweak" Prevents Hooking or Slicing and Keeps Your Shots Straight as an Arrow...

My first big insight was that my grip was all catawampus compared to my old grip.

I didn't know exactly what I was doing wrong... but I knew that my positioning was all off.

Thankfully, I had a lesson with a pro where he showed me the one key part of the club to use to align your grip to keep your shots straight as an arrow.

It made a lot of sense to me, since if your grip is "off" or if your grip gives your wrists a little too much wiggle...

Then that could very well be the reason balls slice or fade just a little too much.

And ultimately all of that inconsistency adds up to real strokes on your scorecard.

I have to admit, the first time I tried this "Grip Tweak," it felt a little uncomfortable.

Was this how it felt back in the day? I wondered.

Yet after 2-3 practice sessions, right as rain I was hitting great, long, straight shots that didn't swerve off to the left or right.

More than anything else, I've found that the grip is the most foundational part of the golf swing.

#2: The "3 Golf Keys" That Unlock More Power and Accuracy In Your Existing Swing...

As I continued to hit the range... take more lessons... and study my swing mechanics... one thing became abundantly clear:

There were 3 "Golf Keys" that could universally help almost anyone's golf game... and help you shave strokes off your scores.

These 3 Keys were a little bit odd... and definitely counterintuitive... but once I mastered them my scores really started to "go low."

And the fact that few golfers know these?

That's the second big golf mistake I'm sharing.

Golf Key #1: Perspective

This has to do with your mindset, both on and off the course.

I've found that lately, an unfortunate trend has been happening, both in golf and our wider society.

Everyone wants to go 100 mph, "hard-charging" all the time after the latest "shiny object"...

And if they don't see "massive, immediate, day one improvement," they'll move on to the next thing.

All "Perspective" means is that if you can lose 3 strokes in the first week of consistent practice... you're doing great.

And I have a chart of exactly how many strokes you can stand to drop if you follow the drills and practice routines I advocate:

Keep in mind... this is not  "day one, just read these tips and head out to the course."

This is once you practice some of the drills you'll see below several times out at the range... and apply the knowledge I'm about to share with you both in practice and on the course.

Golf Key #2: The Right Kind of Lower Body Movement

Gaining distance off the tee really has nothing to do with your upper body strength... or how big your "vanity muscles" up top are.

It has everything to do with your lower body, though.

That's because the vast majority of power in your swing is generated from the rotational "torque" that gets loaded by how you move your lower body.

There's a very specific way you can rotate your lower body to maximize the amount of force your club delivers to the ball...

And one drill in particular that really can help you get the best possible setup to maximize power from your lower body (more on that in a minute)...

Golf Key #3: A Good Full Turn

If you position your body properly from golf key #2...

Then to harness all of the rotational power in your swing... you need to make a good full turn.

Without turning, your swing is very "up-and-down" only... which leads to little power... and even less consistency.

You aren't swinging in a phone booth out on the course (and if you are, you're in quite a bit of trouble!)... so take advantage of the horizontal power you can generate with a good full turn here.

#3: If You're Missing THIS... You're Just Giving Away Consistency In Your Shots...

One of the biggest mistakes weekend golfers make that separates them from the pros is simple:

Weekend golfers do not focus on consistency in their swing.

Pros practice so much, they know that every shot they hit is going to be more or less the same.

When they miss... it's not a huge deal because their mechanics are so darned consistent.

And the place where this all starts to fall apart for the weekend golfer?

Is the pre-shot routine.

Think about it this way: if you had a big presentation at work... or a big meeting to attend...

Would you go to a new breakfast spot? Take a different route to work? Or use the stairs instead of the elevator?

No way!

Humans are creatures of habit. And especially when faced with stress, we take comfort in the familiar.

That's why every time you set up... you should have a pre-shot routine that is extremely consistent from shot-to-shot and round-to-round.

I have some suggestions below on the best (quick, 8-step) pre-shot routine I know.

#4: Most Golfers Don't Care to Learn How to Fade or Draw Their Shots

Pretty much every weekend golfer I've spoken with says "I wish I could get that nice draws you have"... or "I wish I could turn my slice into a nice little fade."

Yet when I tell them you can draw or fade the ball on demand with a couple simple adjustments...

They all scoff and say "that's for the pros."

No! It's not just for the pros!

In fact, there are just two adjustments you need to make to create a draw or fade in your swing:

1) Open or close your stance slightly...

2) Open or close your club face slightly.

That's it! This isn't a NASA-level secret here...

And below, I'll show you exactly how you can know these simple "Setup Secrets" to hit a draw or fade on-demand, really quickly and easily...

#5: Most Golfers Practice The Exact WRONG Thing to Cut Strokes...

The vast majority of "extra" strokes in your score come within 40 yards of the hole.

That's true for you, true for me, and true for every golfer out there, all the way through the pros.

In fact, the simplest way to break 80 isn't by slamming drives 300 yards and making Eagles on par 5's...

(Though I certainly have something that can help you with that in just a second)...

It's by making sure that you're averaging 26-30 putts per round.

You'll notice that's significantly less than 2 putts per hole.

So the next time you "hit the range" and grab for the head cover on your driver... if you're really serious about dropping strokes off your score...

You'll grab your putter and hit the practice green instead.

There are a few proven drills and techniques I highly recommend to improve your putting--I will show you where to get those below.

Putting It All Together: The "Secret Weapon" Few Golfers Know About That Slashes Scores...

You can see the many mistakes weekend golfers make above... and some pretty easy solutions I've discovered through the years from countless "trial and error"...

By getting expensive lessons with swing gurus...

And by hours and hours spent on the practice range and putting green...

From these, I've developed a bunch of key drills...

Dozens of photos showing setups, swing paths, and proper alignments that can literally shape your shots exactly how you want to...

And countless tips designed to help you drop your golf scores faster and easier than you thought possible (with proper practice of course)...

I've collected all of these... and put them in my best-selling, plain English eBook below.

It's called How to Break 80 & Shoot Like the Pros:

It's sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide... and spawned a revolution in how the game is taught... thought of... and played.

Here Are Just a Few of the Priceless Nuggets of Golf Wisdom Contained Inside:

  • The Secret of the "Perfect Golf Grip" - One simple alignment shift with your thumb and this part of the club will help you maintain firmer wrist pressure, eliminate "club waggle," and hit the ball straighter and further each time (p. 12)
  • Are You Playing With "Perfect Posture"? If not, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your back and legs, and bringing your club through an inconsistent swing plane (p. 17 - 2 diagrams) 
  • The "4 Keys of Golf" That Unlock The Power In Your Existing Swing: (Yes, there's a bonus 4th key that can help you unlock that extra 15-25 yards in your swing, whether it's off the tee or on an approach... (p. 23)
  • The Sneaky "Timing Trap" Most Golfers Fall Into... Plus how to have perfect tempo each and every time you swing a club (p. 32)
  • "Where Should I Hit the Ball?" Most golfers hit the ball in the exact wrong location--did you know you should be hitting it different spots for different shots? Here is the exact list of where to hit the ball depending on your situation (p. 34)
  • If you're consistently missing where you're aiming... you may have this aiming problem (plus how to fix it and get the ball to aim where you want it every time)... (p. 35)
  • 5 Steps to the Perfect Pre-Shot Routine: This will quickly become your "warm safety blanket" on the course and ensure MAXIMUM consistency of your shots (p. 36)
  • Shot-Shaping Made Super Simple: How even occasional weekend golfers can easily hit a consistent draw or fade with just 2 simple swing tweaks (with diagrams - p. 40)
  • Do You Chunk or Skull Your Chips? If so, this "Perfect Pendulum" drill will make your wedge game chunk-proof and will help you get under the ball the right amount each and every time (p. 45)
  • 4 Checkpoints for a Perfect Wedge Shot Every Time: Clear your head of all of the "guru nonsense" and just remember these 4 simple checkpoints to hit better, more consistent wedge shots (p. 49)
  • 8 "Sand Secrets" to Master Bunker Shots... One of these is an ingenious setup that will give you pillow-soft landings right near the pin out of the scariest "up against a rock face" sand shots you'll ever see (p. 54)
  • The Bulletproof "Step-by-Step Putting Roadmap" - Beautiful color photos that show you exactly how to setup, the proper putter backswing, and follow-through to get down to that magic area of 26-30 putts per round. This section alone could save you 3 - 8 strokes off your score! (p. 59)
  • "Master the Mental Game and Banish the Yips" - Tips from sports psychologists, top players, and others I've spoken with that keep you focused and relaxed on the course... and OUT of your own head (p. 70)
  • The Top 10 Things You MUST Do to Break 80 Consistently (p. 77)

And much much more!

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg... because what I didn't mention is this:

(BONUS!) 6 proven practice drills with images showing you exactly how to do them. These are the absolute best drills I've found for each area of the golf game. If you only practice these, you'll start shaving strokes probably after 2-3 dedicated 15 minute practice sessions.

Remember, if you follow this guide and practice regularly, you can expect to drop the following number of strokes:

Now at this point I know a few things that you're thinking:

"I Don't Have Time to Do All of This Practice & Training"

All I ask is that you do 10-15 minutes of practice with the drills provided 2-3 times per week.

Almost all of the drills don't require a driving range or putting green. That's 100% on-purpose so that you can do them in the basement... driveway...garage... or backyard.

Heck you don't even need a ball for many of them.

And if you can't dedicate 20 minutes a week to improving at the sport? 

Then I'm sorry but I don't think this program is for you.

"That's Great and All Jack... But How Much Is This Going to Run Me?"

It's a good question... but first let me ask you a question:

How much do you spend on a typical round of golf?

Greens fees aren't getting any cheaper these days (is anything?)... and as you spend more on each round... how much would you spend to get significantly better at the game?

I know some of the lessons I took in assembling this guide cost well over $200 an hour.

And I've sold this guide in the past for $99. It seemed like a fair price for the value inside.

I've discounted it to $49 in the past for "flash sales" and "seasonal sales" too...

(Again, think that's definitely fair).

But you're not going to pay $99...

Or $49...

Today, because I want to increase the size of our Break 80 community... and help the most golfers possible...

(Recognizing the shaky economy we're currently in)...

For a limited time I'm discounting the price of How to Break 80 even further.

Today you'll just pay a grand total of:

That's a full 70% off of the original price... and the lowest price I've ever offered this guide in this format.

Heck, you may save more in "balls not lost" over the course of your next few rounds just by purchasing it now.

Plus did I mention my 30-day Comprehensive Money Back Guarantee?

If you buy this book... and practice all of the drills inside at least once a week for 30 days... and you don't see an improvement in your scores...

Simply contact my team and I'll happily refund your money.

(I've had a grand total of one refund in the time I've had this guide available for sale... so I happily stand behind what's in the guide).

Remember, you get all of the tips above...

All of the drills with diagrams...

free bonus game you can use to practice your putting (oops didn't mention that one!)...

All delivered to you immediately and electronically...

Plus you get to see the open mouths and envious glares of your playing partners as you start playing "the best round of your life" round... after round... after round...

So Now the Choice Is Yours...

You can go down one of two paths to improve your golf game:

Option 1 is to "stay the course."

Don't get the guide... and keep doing things the way you're doing them.

If you "get serious about getting better at golf"... spend a grand or two on lessons... new equipment... and weird gizmos that you see on the Golf Channel.

You might get better eventually... but only after spending countless dollars on "chasing the next shiny object"...

And spending even more time being frustrated on the course... not hitting the ball as far as you want to...

Not nailing your chips within easy "one-putt" distance...

And making way too many 2 and 3 putts when you know you could be doing better on the green...

How will all of that feel to you?

Probably not all that great, I'm guessing.

Or you can take advantage of this rare opportunity to get my best-selling guide at an all-time low price...

You can "skip the line" on that difficult journey I just showed you...

"Fast-forward" to dropping strokes within weeks of practicing the drills inside...

And putting the countless tips and "goodies" to good use in your golf game.

What would that feel like?

To have the admiration of your playing partners?

To be the one your buddies are fighting over when you're playing "best ball" or a "scramble" or "dots"

(Or even for skins)...

It's a feeling that I've personally experienced... and let me tell you... it feels pretty darned good.

All that's left to do is click the button below now... enter your payment info on the next page... and get fast, immediate delivery of this groundbreaking e-guide as soon as you hit the button:


Jack Moorehouse

P.S. - There's a special "mystery gift" attached to this guide as well - consider it my gift to you for believing in the tips and drills contained within the book. Click the button above now to see what the current Mystery Gift is...

P.P.S. - This is the lowest price you'll find this guide at ever. I will be discontinuing this sale at sometime in the near future, once I reach my number for new members of the How to Break 80 community. It could be 2 weeks from now... it could be tomorrow. All I know is this deal WILL NOT last forever... so click the button above now to get my groundbreaking golf guide while the offer still stands...


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