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Golf Slicing Tips

Boost Iron Accuracy with this Multi-part Golf Swing Drill

You need to hit pinpoint shots to beat tough par 3s. While these holes are usually short, they often feature a ton of trouble. So, you heed to be careful when playing them. Below is a two-part golf swing drill that teaches you to hit pinpoint irons consistently.   Pinpoint Golf Swing Drill   Start […]

Produce a Better Golf Swing

Use this Golf Drill to Produce a Better Golf Swing   Looking to supercharge your golf swing? The Internet is great for finding golf tips for a better golf swing. You know the type of swing I mean. The kind that exudes power and impresses other golfers.   But even the best golf tips won’t […]

Lower Scores by Practicing the Right Golf Drills

Want to shoot low scores? Maybe even break 80? Sure, you do. But it won’t happen unless you practice—especially your short game. Generally speaking, 60% of your shots come within 100 yards of the hole. Knocking shots off your short game will lower your scores quickly. But you also have to work on your driving. […]