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Hitting The Hybrid: 5 Proven Golf Tips

Hybrids are among the most playable clubs in your bag. It’s why so many golfers carry them—pro and amateur. It’s also why we encourage students taking our golf lessons to try them. Hybrids are also highly versatile. You can use them almost anywhere. In addition to hitting them from the fairway, the rough, the sand, […]

Hitting A Hybrid From Deep Rough

Do you hit your hybrid from deep rough? If not, try it sometime. A potent weapon, the hybrid can save strokes when you’re in trouble. It’s ideal when in the deep stuff with a long way to go. The ability to get you out of the rough like this is why the hybrid is also […]

Chop Strokes Off Your Score Now

Students take golf lessons for many reasons. Mostly, it’s to learn something technical. For example, some students attend our golf instruction session to learn how to hit their woods better. Others come to us to learn how to hit their irons better. And then there are those who come to us to learn how to […]