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Use This Golf Drill to Drain More 10-Footers

Do you know what the secret is to going low? It’s putting. That’s right putting—at least that’s what research shows. Low handicap golfers make more putts from farther away than high handicappers do. Sink more 10-footers and your scores will plummet.   The golf drill below teaches you to drain putts from farther away. The […]

Use the Golf Tips in this Drill to Beat Greenside Bunkers

How’s your bunker game? Do you have a hard time escaping greenside bunkers in one? You’re not alone. Many weekend golfers have the same problem. The reason: They either hit too far behind the ball. Or, they hit it cleanly and it sails over the green. Sound familiar?   Here’s a golf tip on bunkers […]

Boost Iron Accuracy with this Multi-part Golf Swing Drill

You need to hit pinpoint shots to beat tough par 3s. While these holes are usually short, they often feature a ton of trouble. So, you heed to be careful when playing them. Below is a two-part golf swing drill that teaches you to hit pinpoint irons consistently.   Pinpoint Golf Swing Drill   Start […]

Use This Golf Drill to Hammer Longer Drives

Want to hit your driver 15-20 yards further? The golf drill below trains you to do that. It’s a great backyard golf drill for ingraining one critical golf driving tip: Sweep the ball off the tee. The golf drill is simple, easy, and fun. Just make sure you have room in your backyard to do […]