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Produce a Better Golf Swing

Use this Golf Drill to Produce a Better Golf Swing   Looking to supercharge your golf swing? The Internet is great for finding golf tips for a better golf swing. You know the type of swing I mean. The kind that exudes power and impresses other golfers.   But even the best golf tips won’t […]

Fix Your Golf Swing with this Simple Drill

Is your natural swing a draw? It’s great if it is. Draws add distance to your drives because they tend to run when they hit. But if you found yourself hitting snap hooks or pushes lately, you could be rotating your hips improperly. This swing fault diverts you from the proper swing plane and saps […]

7 Proven Golf Tips for a Better Swing for Beginners

Simple beats complex every time. That’s especially true when you’ve just started playing golf. There’s no better way to boost learning by simplifying things. For example, flaring your front foot out at address is a simple golf tip that produces longer, straighter drives. Doing that right from the start can boost confidence if you’re new […]

Purge these 3 Deadly Golf Backswing Mistakes and Go Low

Do you talk about your backswing much? If you do, you’re not alone. Golfers, in fact, talk about their backswings often. And with good reason. Savvy golfers know it’s a critical stage in the golf swing they must master to develop a potent swing—one that can help them break 80 consistently.   A poor golf […]