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Use This Golf Drill to Drain More 10-Footers

Do you know what the secret is to going low? It’s putting. That’s right putting—at least that’s what research shows. Low handicap golfers make more putts from farther away than high handicappers do. Sink more 10-footers and your scores will plummet.   The golf drill below teaches you to drain putts from farther away. The […]

5 Proven Tips that can Help Improve Golf Strategy

Want shoot lower scores? Sure, you do. Everyone does. Choosing the right golf strategy at the right time can help you do that. It can save dozens of strokes during a season. But choosing the right strategy can be a challenge for anyone. Often, it involves making a tough decision in a critical situation.   […]

Use This Golf Drill to Boost Ballstriking and Accuracy

Want to boost your ball striking? How about your accuracy? The simple golf drill below can help you do that. A drill we often use in our golf lessons, this exercise forces you to work your hands in more, the club to stay outside your hands on the backswing, and your clubface to remain square […]