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Seven Golf Instruction Books on Putting You Must Read

If you’re serious about improving your game, the best place to start is with your putting. It’s the best—and the fastest—way to lower scores. That makes sense. Why—because roughly, 40 percent of your shots are putts. Cut the average number of putts you take down, and you’ll find yourself shooting dramatically lower scores. You may […]

13 Simple Tips to Putt Better

How to Putt Better In 7 Easy Steps Want to know how to putt better? Become a better reader of greens. Improving this skill helps you sink more putts and helps you card more birdies and pars. When 33% of your score is the number of putts you hit, cutting that number can help you […]

The 7 Best Putting Drills to Save Strokes On The Green

The Best Putting Drills In The World All In One Place. A lot of serious golfers (and casual golfers for that matter) ask me what some of my best putting drills are. As a long-time golf expert, I can confidently say that some of the best putting drills out there are pretty simple and easy-to-replicate. […]

Hit Putts with Perfect Speed

Missing Easy Putts? You could be decelerating with your stroke. Deceleration often occurs when using a short back stroke and a long through stroke. The result: poor distance control and weak roll.  The drill below teaches you to hit putts with perfect speed and tight, end-over-end roll. Two Tee Golf Drill Find a hole on […]

Cut Strokes from Your Handicap with This Golf Shot

If you’re like many weekend golfers, you don’t have a lot of time to practice your game. Your family responsibilities and your work consume most of your time. So, when you do get a chance to practice, you must get the most of your time at the range or on the practice green. The question […]