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Use This Golf Drill to Drain More 10-Footers

Do you know what the secret is to going low? It’s putting. That’s right putting—at least that’s what research shows. Low handicap golfers make more putts from farther away than high handicappers do. Sink more 10-footers and your scores will plummet.   The golf drill below teaches you to drain putts from farther away. The […]

Fix Your Golf Swing with this Simple Drill

Is your natural swing a draw? It’s great if it is. Draws add distance to your drives because they tend to run when they hit. But if you found yourself hitting snap hooks or pushes lately, you could be rotating your hips improperly. This swing fault diverts you from the proper swing plane and saps […]

The 7 Best Putting Drills to Save Strokes On The Green

The Best Putting Drills In The World All In One Place. A lot of serious golfers (and casual golfers for that matter) ask me what some of my best putting drills are. As a long-time golf expert, I can confidently say that some of the best putting drills out there are pretty simple and easy-to-replicate. […]

Boost Yardage with this Golf Drill

2 Key Components of the Golf Swing The golf swing has two power moves: rotation and weight shift. These two moves let you make a powerful coil and unleash it coming down. But golfers don’t always feel these moves when swinging. So, they fail to take advantage of them. To create a powerful coil, you must […]

Use this Golf Drill to Groove Your Chipping Swing

Chipping Golf Drill Do you keep your hands ahead of the ball at address? Many golfers do. That’s how they learned to hit a chip. They then drag the handle through impact with the hands leading the way. This move is supposed to create a downward strike of the ball. But the method often makes […]