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Hit Pinpoint Irons Using This Single-Plane Swing Tips

Hit Pinpoint Irons Using This Single-Plane Swing Tips   How well do you hit your irons under pressure? If you hit them poorly, you’re costing yourself strokes. Hitting poor irons often results from using the wrong swing plane. Mess up your swing plane, and you’ll hit all sorts of nasty shots—shanks, pulls, hooks, slices, and […]

7 Proven Golf Tips for a Better Swing for Beginners

Simple beats complex every time. That’s especially true when you’ve just started playing golf. There’s no better way to boost learning by simplifying things. For example, flaring your front foot out at address is a simple golf tip that produces longer, straighter drives. Doing that right from the start can boost confidence if you’re new […]

The Best Golf Driving Tips

Want to pump out 40+ yards off the tee? Imagine what that would do for your scores and golf handicap. Not to mention how impressed the guys in your regular foursome would be. Gaining 40 yards off the tee would take your game to the next level and dramatically boost your chances of breaking 80. […]

7 Deadly Mistakes Women Golfers Make

Below are seven common swing mistakes women golfers tend to make. These mistakes boost your scores. As a golfer, especially if you’re a beginner, you need to iron them out of your swing. That can take your swing—and your game—to the next level.   Use equipment designed for you — Using your husband or your […]