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If you’re looking to drop 5… 10… or even 14 (or more) strokes off your golf game… then this is the ultimate golf guide for you.

In fact, with just 20-30 minutes of focused practice per week, here’s how many strokes you can expect to drop by using this guide:


Filled with plain-English tips and tricks to get better at golf quickly… as well as drills with images that show you exactly how to practice them.

Here are some of the top tips, tricks, and techniques you can expect to find inside:

  • The Secret of the “Perfect Golf Grip” – One simple alignment shift with your thumb and this part of the club will help you maintain firmer wrist pressure, eliminate “club waggle,” and hit the ball straighter and further each time (p. 12)
  • Are You Playing With “Perfect Posture”? If not, you could be putting unnecessary strain on your back and legs, and bringing your club through an inconsistent swing plane (p. 17 – 2 diagrams)
  • The “4 Keys of Golf” That Unlock The Power In Your Existing Swing: (Yes, there’s a bonus 4th key that can help you unlock that extra 15-25 yards in your swing, whether it’s off the tee or on an approach… (p. 23)
  • The Sneaky “Timing Trap” Most Golfers Fall Into… Plus how to have perfect tempo each and every time you swing a club (p. 32)
  • “Where Should I Hit the Ball?” Most golfers hit the ball in the exact wrong location–did you know you should be hitting it different spots for different shots? Here is the exact list of where to hit the ball depending on your situation (p. 34)
  • If you’re consistently missing where you’re aiming… you may have this aiming problem (plus how to fix it and get the ball to aim where you want it every time)… (p. 35)
  • 5 Steps to the Perfect Pre-Shot Routine: This will quickly become your “warm safety blanket” on the course and ensure MAXIMUM consistency of your shots (p. 36)
  • Shot-Shaping Made Super Simple: How even occasional weekend golfers can easily hit a consistent draw or fade with just 2 simple swing tweaks (with diagrams – p. 40)
  • Do You Chunk or Skull Your Chips? If so, this “Perfect Pendulum” drill will make your wedge game chunk-proof and will help you get under the ball the right amount each and every time (p. 45)
  • 4 Checkpoints for a Perfect Wedge Shot Every Time: Clear your head of all of the “guru nonsense” and just remember these 4 simple checkpoints to hit better, more consistent wedge shots (p. 49)
  • 8 “Sand Secrets” to Master Bunker Shots… One of these is an ingenious setup that will give you pillow-soft landings right near the pin out of the scariest “up against a rock face” sand shots you’ll ever see (p. 54)
  • The Bulletproof “Step-by-Step Putting Roadmap” – Beautiful color photos that show you exactly how to setup, the proper putter backswing, and follow-through to get down to that magic area of 26-30 putts per round. This section alone could save you 3 – 8 strokes off your score! (p. 59)
  • “Master the Mental Game and Banish the Yips” – Tips from sports psychologists, top players, and others I’ve spoken with that keep you focused and relaxed on the course… and OUT of your own head (p. 70)
  • The Top 10 Things You MUST Do to Break 80 Consistently (p. 77)

And much much more!

For a limited time, this book, originally sold for $99, is just $29!

Additionally You Get This Month’s FREE “Mystery Gift”:

“But What If I Don’t Have Time to Practice?”

All I ask is for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times per week to practice the drills inside.

And if you do that and it doesn’t work, guess what? There’s a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

“I Don’t Have Access to a Putting Green or Driving Range?”

No worries! Almost all of the drills can be done in your backyard, basement, garage, or driveway. You don’t even really need a ball for many of them.

“How Do I Know This Will Work for Me?”

This system has worked for tens of thousands of my students in the past.

The chart above is collected from them and then averaged together.

I didn’t just pull it out of thin air!

And besides, if you do practice a mere 20 minutes a week and don’t notice any improvement in the first 30 days, there’s my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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