MAXIMUM DISTANCE Streaming Video Course


(WARNING: You may hit the ball 20-30 yards further than you ever have in your life…)


What would it feel like to hit 20-50 yards further each and every time you tee the ball up and drive it?

What would it feel like to have the stunned admiration of your playing partners as you outdrove them hole…after hole… after hole?

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter how old you are…

How short you are…

How “weak” you think you are…

NONE of that matters!

In fact, I’m an older guy myself… and I haven’t picked up a weight in years

And yet the tips, tricks, techniques, and drills in this course helped me add an extra 50 yards to my drives.

All because of my own personal “Golf Yoda,” Bobby Eldridge.

Bobby is one of the great “hidden gem” golf instructors out there.

One summer, a club in Sweden flew him in as a “fixer” for their young pros who developed a bad case of the yips.

Another year, a hundred-millionaire hired Bobby to fly to South America and be his personal swing coach for the year.

In short, Bobby’s the guy you hire when you want to fix your swing.

And that especially goes for adding distance to your drives and other shots.

Bobby’s older now–he’s in his 60s–and he’s not a “big” guy at all. He’s no Bryson benching 300 pounds…

And yet he does hit the ball close to 300 yards every time he drives it.

In this revolutionary streaming course, he’ll show you how to get MAXIMUM DISTANCE on your drives, including:

  • The “Pro’s Secret” to Maximizing Power At Impact – It’s a little bit “counter-intuitive”… but once you know it… you’ll think about the power in your already-existing swing in a totally different way (1:06)
  • Two Common “Grip Faults” that Sap Power From Your Swing –  Most weekend golfers do both of these things… yet when you eliminate them you’ll unlock “latent power” in your swing almost immediately. (3:18)
  • Do You Waste All of Your Time On the Range? Here’s how to tell… plus exactly what to do instead to maximize power (down to the number of balls to hit (5:49)
  • “Toe the Ball” Too Much? Here’s a simple adjustment you can make to your swing that will get you hitting a plumb-flush draw each and every time (7:32)
  • How to Add a “Third Dimension” to your swing to increase acceleration to impact for MAXIMUM power… (10:13)
  • 4 “Sliding Sins” That Throw Your Swing Out Of Alignment –  Many weekend golfers do these unconsciously… yet they keep your swing incredibly inconsistent… and kill any chance for REAL power in your swing (12:25)
  • The Simple “Swing Tweak” to Hit Your Drives Plumb Flush Every Time – At first it may seem a little uncomfortable… though once you master this simple “swing tweak” you’ll wonder how you EVER hit a drive without it (14:12)
  • This “Lift Trick” Makes You Increase Your Launch Angle –  Launch angle + clubhead speed at impact = explosive distance. This “Lift Trick” handles one side of the equation (17:27)
  • The “Perfect Power Path” to the Ball: There are exactly four paths to the ball from the top of a proper backswing. Three of them are incorrect. Here’s how to identify and implement the correct one consistently (22:54)
  • “The Chair Drill” – Bobby’s golf pro mother had him do this to increase his downswing rotation and speed… and now he’s passing this priceless family secret on to you! (25:33)
  • If You Can Get to THIS Checkpoint In Your Swing – You will maximize your downswing power! (29:05)
  • 3 Keys to the “Ideal Weight Shift” – Once you can combine your rotational power with a perfectly-timed weight shift… you will add TONS of distance to your drives! (34:17) (p. 77)
  • Keep THIS Arm Longer Through Your Swing to increase your leverage and power (here’s how to do it) (40:12)
  • Pulling it All Together Into the “Perfect Release” –  unloading the spring in the ideal manner to maximize club head speed at impact (47:34)

And much much more!

Plus for a limited time I’m giving you a FREE GIFT: My ebook also called Maximum Distance ($29 value):

“But What If I’m (Too Short… Too Skinny… Not Strong Enough… Too Old… Etc.)?”

Heck I’m an old duffer who’s only average height… and I haven’t lifted a weight in years…

(And Bobby’s the exact same way).

Yet we both now hit the ball much further–last I checked Bobby was still close to 300 yards per drive!

So no matter what the excuse is, I ain’t buyin’ it!

“I don’t have access to a driving range”

Don’t worry about it–Bobby filmed this on a patch of grass by his clubhouse. You don’t need a ball or anything–simply practice the drills and ingrain the tips.

“I don’t have time to practice!”

All Bobby and I ask is two to three, 10-15 minute practice sessions per week practicing the tips and drills in this course.

If you can spare that, you will hit longer drives!

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