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Use the Golf Tips in this Drill to Beat Greenside Bunkers

How’s your bunker game? Do you have a hard time escaping greenside bunkers in one? You’re not alone. Many weekend golfers have the same problem. The reason: They either hit too far behind the ball. Or, they hit it cleanly and it sails over the green. Sound familiar?   Here’s a golf tip on bunkers […]

Beating Buried Lies: Five Key Techniques

How To Handle Buried Lies Stiffing an approach shot often spells trouble. If the ball hits the green hard and takes a bad bounce, you could find yourself buried in the deep grass behind the green. That’s not where you want to be. Saving par from there is a challenge. The problem is the grass. […]

7 Golf Tips on Hitting Lasers From Tight Golf Lies

Hitting from tight golf lies intimidates some golfers. Tight lies weren’t as common a few years ago as they are now. Now they’re prevalent. They’ll continue to increase as more and more courses look to irrigate less to conserve water and help the environment. Courser superintendents are doing the smart thing. But that doesn’t make […]

Working The Slopes More Effectively

Do bunker shots scare you? If you’re like many golfers, they do. But not as much as sloping lies do. Add some slope to bunker lies and you really get nervous. Your confidence goes right out the window. Don’t sweat it! Beating sloped lies in a bunker is easier than you think. You just have […]

7 Top Ways To Beat Greenside Bunkers

Many weekend golfers hate hitting from greenside bunkers. If that’s you, you’re not alone. We all do to some extent. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can stop. Sooner or later, you’ll hit into a greenside bunker. So you need to learn how to hit from them if you’re going to break 80 and shrink your […]