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Four Golf Tips: Hitting Pinpoint Pitches

Do you Chunk or Skull your Pitches? Making bad contact on pitches cost you strokes. It hampers distance and direction control. With pitches, you have a slim margin for error, so missing by just a few feet can land you in trouble, like coming to rest in the deep grass just of the green. It’s […]

Short Game Shots To Cut Strokes

Improving your short game in golf is the key to breaking 80. Without a good short game, you’ll have to hit every green in regulation to eliminate extra strokes. And hitting every green in regulation is near impossible—no matter how good you are.

One situation where you can cut golf strokes is a shot that’s 20 or 30 feet from the green. You can’t afford to miss this shot. If you do, you’re looking at a bogey or even a double bogey, making it tough to break 80 for the round.

7 Golf Tips on Hitting Lasers From Tight Golf Lies

Hitting from tight golf lies intimidates some golfers. Tight lies weren’t as common a few years ago as they are now. Now they’re prevalent. They’ll continue to increase as more and more courses look to irrigate less to conserve water and help the environment. Courser superintendents are doing the smart thing. But that doesn’t make […]