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7 Golf Tips on Hitting Lasers From Tight Golf Lies

Hitting from tight golf lies intimidates some golfers. Tight lies weren’t as common a few years ago as they are now. Now they’re prevalent. They’ll continue to increase as more and more courses look to irrigate less to conserve water and help the environment. Courser superintendents are doing the smart thing. But that doesn’t make […]

How To Greenside Spin When Needed

How do I make a golf ball spin? I’ve been asked this question in golf lessons about a thousand times. Learning to apply spin to a ball is like finding the Holy Grail for many weekend golfers. To them, it’s the mark of a really good golfer. Knowing how to spin a ball is useful. […]

5 Golf Tips On Choosing The Right Golf Ball

Do you put much thought into what golf ball you play? Most weekend golfers don’t. But the ball you play can dramatically affect your scores. The right ball can help you chop strokes off your golf handicap. The wrong ball can cost you strokes and boost scores. So you need to play a ball that […]