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While golf isn’t a contact sport, it has its share of injuries. Whether it’s a stiff back, pulled hamstring, or bad shoulder, golf-related injuries occur in many players. Often, they require specific medical attention. Left untreated, these injuries often can affect not only a player’s game, but also his or her work and every day life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource golfers could go to for advice on golf-related injuries? Well, there is. It’s called GolfersMD

GolfersMD isn’t just a Web site, though. Created in 2008, it’s an online golf health community dedicated to preventing injuries, treating golfers, and applying cures. Through articles, expert-hosted videos, tips from top sports doctors, golf lessons, and even a natural health store, GolfersMD educates and enlightens golfers on how to treat injuries and address specific health concerns. And since it’s online, it’s available 24 hours a day for golfers with low golf handicaps, high golf handicaps, and everything in between.

Web Site’s Mission
The Web site’s mission is straightforward. It focuses on keeping golfers and their games healthy and strong. With this goal in mind, the Web site offers separate pages covering health and fitness, technology and equipment, experts and videos, and doctors and other professionals. It has a forum where you can discuss medical issues, a store where you can buy a variety of health related products, from vitamins and sinus medication to golf equipment and hangover help, a doctor finder to locate golf specialists in your area, and a newsletter. There’s even an electronic symptom checker.

Each week the site features one topic. When I visited the site, the topic was back pain. The site had articles and videos on back pain, with tips and techniques from the pros to help players get over back problems. Other features include tips from Dr. Morris Pickens, psychology coach for 2007 Masters Champion Zach Johnson and one of the largest golf-health video libraries in the world, if not the largest. The site also has a “Giving Back” program. It donates one percent of all sales to important programs that promote the health and education of children.

Credible Health News Content
The key to a site like GolfersMD is its health news content. It must be credible and reliable. This Web site contains medical content from two major health care resources. The Healthwise knowledgebase’s content is comprehensive, in-depth, and decision-focused. A non-profit, Healthwise has a goal of helping people make better decisions about their personal health.

HealthDay is a division of ScoutNews, LLC  a news and information organization staffed by experienced health journalists. It produces up to 20 health-related articles during weekday. HealthDay writers have extensive experience in health, science and several medical disciplines. Their news articles come from published journals, conferences and major releases from healthcare institutions. HealthDay is the only consumer health news provider based on the U.S. Government’s search engine.

Advisory Board Members
To ensure the information GolfersMD provides is of the highest quality and the most advanced, the site features a strong advisory board, which includes two key people. Dr. Vijay B. Vad, M.D., is the official physician for the PGA Tour. He has treated every possible golf injury and can guide players of all levels with confidence that real-world experience provides. Dr. Vad is also a sports medicine specialist and researcher at the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, where he specializes in minimally invasive treatments of sports injuries, spine, and arthritis. In addition, he is the author of Back Rx, Arthritis Rx and Golf Rx, all published by Penguin Books.

Dr. Robert Donatelli, a PhD PT Orthopedic Certified Specialist, is National Director of Sports Specific Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Programs at the Physiotherapy Associates in Las Vegas, NV. From March to August of 2004, he worked as physical therapist on the PGA Tour treating injuries sustained by the pros playing on tour. In addition, he has served as a Physical Therapy Consultant to several Major League baseball teams. He lectures throughout the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and has lectured at the Swedish Foot and Ankle Society.

Staying free from injury and improving your overall health helps not only your golf handicap but also your life. So if you’ve recently incurred a golf-related injury or are just curious about your health, check out GolfersMD. You’ll find it a reliable source for golf health news and information.

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