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How to Transfer Your Range Swing to the Course

If you’re like many golfers, you hit the practice range before playing a round. Hitting the range is great. You can focus on riding yourself of swing flaws, find a groove for your round, and build muscle memory and confidence in the process. After driving good shots at the range, you’re ready to transfer your great swing to the golf course.

But then you get to the first tee. And what do you do? You slice your first shot into the woods, leaving you a dreadful lie. On the second tee, you pull it right into a bunker, leaving you with another bad lie. Clearly, you’ve lost the feel of your range swing. And you’re starting to lose confidence it your game. Before long, the wheels come off and what could have been a great day turns into a nightmare.
If only you could transfer your range swing to the course.

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Improve Your Golf Focus With These Drills

Your ability to focus is the key to breaking 80 consistently. If you’re distracted during a shot, you lose focus. Do it on too many shots during a round and your score will reflect that. Do it on too many shots during a season and your golf handicap will reflect that as well. Focus is that important. Put another way, staying focused while hitting a shot is among the most precious assets you have on the course.

proper golf stance

4 Proven Golf Tips to Eliminate Your Slice

What swing flaw would you like to eliminate from your golf game?  If you’re like most golfers, you’d probably want to eliminate your slice. Slicing pumps up your scores and your golf handicap. Fact is – the game’s no fun when you slice. Eliminating  your slice is difficult.  Some slicers try for years to eliminate …

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