Senior Golf Instruction- Seniors Only!

First off, this message is intended for Senior golfers (ages 55+). If you’re not in that category, then please disregard this post. If you ARE in that category, please pay close attention…

We just put the finishing touches on one of the finest DVD’s we’ve ever done…and it’s designed strictly for Seniors.

There’s a short video about it which you can see here:

With guys like Tom Watson and Greg Norman turning back the clock and competing (if not winning) against competitors half their ages, it should serve as real inspiration that age now is a small factor in how well you play.

As a senior, you should still be able to hit the ball far, make pure contact and putt lights-out.
And I’m gonna show you how.

For years you guys have been clamoring about us coming out with a DVD specifically for Seniors and now we’re ready to deliver it to you.

And oh yeah, did I mention that the method we’re teaching is designed to be be 100% PAIN-FREE?

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the DVD:

* How to hit more greens in regulation.
* Achieve greater distance than you imagined possible.
* Stop worrying about bogies and start making pars and birdies again.
* Special methods and techniques for seniors only

You don’t have to worry about being one of those old duffers that nobody wants to play with and everybody wants to play through. I’ll make sure of that!



P.S. I forgot to mention the DVD is 30% off if you order it now. So save yourself some money – as well as some time.

How to Break 80 ® Presents FREE TRIAL


Author: Jack

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