Add More Distance To Your Golf Drives

Want to add 10 yards to your drives right now? Learn to release the clubhead through impact properly. Weekend golfers often release the clubhead by straightening the right wrist just before impact. This causes the left wrist (right wrist for lefties) to straighten prematurely, releasing the club. When you straighten the left wrist prematurely, you re-verse the wrists’ roles.

This spells trouble. You’ll hit all sorts of blocks, pushes, and pop-ups. And when you do hit the ball on the nose, it doesn’t go very far. What you want to do is create lag. This means retaining the bow in your right wrist on the downswing until just a split second before impact. Then, slap the club through the impact zone. The slap adds the extra power you need to drive the ball and extra 10 yards. It’s a lot like the motion you use with a paintbrush stroke.

Below are two drills that will teach you how it feels to release the clubhead properly:

Golf Driving Exercise One

Stick a tee in the ground. Set up to the tee with your driver. Now, reverse your hands like you would do with a cross-handed putting grip. Make sure your fingers surround the shaft and you have a good hold on the club. Take some short swings, back and forth. Try to just flick the top of the tee. Feel the bow in your right wrist? That’s what releasing the club properly feels like.

Golf Driving Exercise Two

Take your golf towel. Tie it in a knot around your driver’s shaft. Let it slide all the way to the clubhead. Now, stick a tee in the ground, set up to the tee with your driver, and take some short swings. The towel adds weight to the clubhead and promotes a better feel for the clubhead as it passes through impact. Try to remember this feeling when you hit some balls without the towel.

Practice these drills often. They will groove the feeling you want. Learn to hold your re-lease until the bottom of your swing and you’ll max out clubhead speed and power.


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