Instant Golf Tips That Can Save A Round

If you’re like most golfers, you probably visit the practice range as often as you can. It’s a great place to work on your game. Depending on the range, you can work on a variety of things—driving, putting, chipping, and so on. The practice range is also a great place to build trust in your full swing. Range work can help you build a repeatable swing that chop strokes off your golf handicap.

But what do you do when things go wrong during a round? You can’t take a time out and go to the range. You must make instant changes to recover your swing. Below are five on-course golf tips that can help you make those changes. These golf tips aren’t mind-bending or revolutionary. But they are proven. Think of them as mini golf lessons. They’ll help you manage your game so you can go home happy after your round.

1.  Missing Short Putts

Anytime you miss a short putt, it’s costly. Miss them consistently and you’ll ad strokes to your golf handicap. To stop missing these pesky short putts, try gripping the putter more in your fingers. Gripping the putter more in your fingers increases the feel of your putter. Most people push the putterhead down the target line on short putts. Instead, use a shorter version of their normal stroke. It’s more reliable and more consistent.

2.  Missing Right Or Left

You can avoid trouble by moving to the side where the trouble is located in the tee box. If it’s on the right, tee it up right. If it’s on the left, tee it up left. Also, visualize your ball flight. Then pick out a point in the distance that would be the apex or your normal shot curve. Now select an intermediate target about three feet in front of you and link the two points. Use the two points as your aiming line. Now swing away. This exercise will help you get back on track with your drive. 

3.  Lost Your Swing Tempo

How do you recover your swing tempo? Try waggling the club. The waggle is like a mini swing, a rehearsal for what’s going. Then take a nice easy practice swing. After taking some practice swings, step up to the ball and swing away. When you waggle the club, do it slowly. Then watch how the waggle mirrors your actual backswing.

4.  Can’t Escape In One

Poor bunker play kills your scores and your golf handicap.  Some times, players are so upset about finding a bunker they’re done before they ever take a swing. When you hit into a bunker remember three things and you’ll get out in one every time:  Open the clubface first then take your grip, Move the ball forward in your stance (just off the instep of your front foot), and take the sand just bellow the ball.  The key is moving the ball forward. If your going to make a mistake with ball position, always make it going forward not back.

5.  Hitting Low Flat Hooks  

If you’re hitting low flat hooks regularly, you’re probably reaching for the ball. Reaching derails your entire swing. Keeping yourself from reaching solves a lot of swing problems. To stop reaching, take a practice swing on an imaginary ball, but miss inside. You’ll feel yourself getting taller and your arms getting longer. That’s where you should be swinging. Remember: your arms should hang down from your shoulders, not out from them.

The practice range is a great place to build trust in your swing. But when you’re playing a round, you can’t visit the range to fix a swing problem. Instead, you need on-course fixes to salvage the round. Our on-course fixes can help you solve some common on-course swing problems. Using these golf tips can cut strokes from your scores and your golf handicap.


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Author: Jack

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