#12 Toughest Shot In Golf

In this issue we continue the countdown to  #12 of the 20 Toughest Shots In Golf. There is a corresponding drill afterwards.

Toughest Shot #12 – Blasting One From A Divot

All courses have their share of divots. So even if you stripe one down the center of the fairway, you could come to a stop in a divot. Hitting from a divot is a challenge. The problem is that the ball sits below the bottom of your swing arc. This position invites a skull or other miss hit, which can land you in a bunker or deep rough, costing you strokes.

 Below are the five keys to blasting one from a divot:

1.      Play the ball off your back heel

2.      Set your hands even with your zipper

3.      Hinge your wrists quickly

4.      Pull your arms down

5.      Let the clubhead lag behind your hands

 You need to hit the ball squarely when in a divot. But since the ball sits below your swing’s low point, you must go down and get it using a steep angle of attack. This enables you to get the clubface fully on the ball.

 To create a steep angle of attack, play the ball back in your stance. Off the inside of your back heel is ideal. Now set your hands even with your zipper. This pushes your hands forward and causes you to feel as if you’re really hitting down on the ball.

 Having chosen a target, hinge your wrists quickly on the backswing, setting the clubhead higher than your hands. Also, swing upright on the backswing by taking the arms away from the body, which allows for a steeper attack of the ball.

Swing down and through, almost as if you were chopping wood. You want to pull your arms down to let the clubhead lag behind your hands. And don’t swing too hard. When you do, you move your head and miss hitting the ball squarely.

If the divot is really deep, you might want to use a club with a little more loft on it.  The ball will come out lower than normal and run along the ground more. Don’t forget to take ball behavior after the shot into account when blasting one from a divot.

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Author: Jack

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