Control Speed Of Chips

To chip it close, you must be able to control your chips. Some weekend golfers focus on accelerating through their chips, especially if they’ve decelerated on a previous chip and mishit the ball. When you do that, you often run the ball past the hole. The key is to concentrate on making solid contact. The drill below will help you master solid contact on chips:

Chipping Speed Drill:

Lay your bag down about 18-20 inches in front of your ball. Address the ball with your sand wedge. Keep your weight forward and your hands shifted ahead of the ball. Make your normal chipping stroke. Work on chipping the ball over the bag without the club head touching the bag.

 The drill forces you to hit make a chopping stroke and hit the ball with a sharp descending blow. This puts spin on the ball and gives you control of the chip. To get the speed right, work on chipping the ball 5 yards, then 10 yards, then 15 yards. Controlling the speed of your chips helps you get it close.

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Author: Jack

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