Develop Extra Touch For Short Chips

Many weekend golfers stub short chips. That’s because they approach the ball on a steep angle—the opposite of what you should do. Good chipping strokes are wide and flat, creating a shallower angle into the ball. The shallower angle enables the clubface to slide under the ball and pop it forward. The drill below teaches you to slide the clubface under the ball on extra short chips. You can practice this drill in your living room or your office.

Over The Book Drill

Stand up two books (hardcover is best) about the length of your driver away from each other. Now balance your driver on top of the two books. Place a ball in line with the center of the driver’s shaft and take your stance. Now practice chipping the ball over the book’s left side.

If you hit the driver in your takeaway or follow-through, your swing is too steep. To make the bottom of your swing arc as flat as possible, swing the clubhead to the inside of the driver’s shaft both back and through.

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Author: Jack

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