Pop The Ball Up With This Golf Tip

You probably learned to hit a lob by (1) opening your stance and clubface at address then (2) swinging along your bodyline. This approach forces you to cut across the ball at im-pact—which can lead to poor distance control and hurt accuracy. That’s because it’s hard to judge how hard to hit the ball and where the ball will land with a lob. If you struggle with this way of hitting a lob, try the approach described below:

Below are five keys to hitting a lob:

• Square your body and clubface
• Lower the club’s shaft a bit
• Lean shaft away from the target
• Maintain a cupped left wrist
• Swing to a complete finish

Using the traditional method of hitting a lob can force you to fall onto your back foot to help the ball in the air. This encourages mis-hits. The method described below doesn’t.
Also, use your most lofted wedge for this shot.

Address the ball with your stance and clubface square to the ball—not open. Lower the shaft a bit and lean it away from the target, creating a cupped position with your left wrist.

Try to maintain the cupped position through impact. This exposes more of the clubface’s bounce (the bulge beneath the club’s sole). Exposing more bounce increases loft, which in turn makes the ball fly high. Also, increasing loft provides a margin of error when hit-ting a lob because it keeps the club from digging into the fairway.

This way of hitting a lob works well for many golfers. It’s easier to control the direction of the shot and increases accuracy. That’s because you’re setting up square to your tar-get—not open.

If the traditional way of hitting a lob isn’t working for you, try the method described above. Master it and you’ll save strokes.

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Author: Jack

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