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Peak Performance Golf Swing. Boon or Bane?

I’m in the golf business so you can imagine how many golf products and gimmicks I see. And to be honest, I quite enjoy keeping an eye out for these things as it really seems interesting which ones tend to work out and which ones don’t.

But when someone comes out with an instructional product that proposes an entirely new swing (just as when the “Stack and Tilt” swing came about), I want to learn more.

You’ve probably seen Don Trahan’s infomercials (Peak Performance Golf DVD’s) on the Golf Channel or late night television. It’s a relatively new product that came out this year. He’s also running a ton of advertising on the web as well on the major golf sites.

And it’s being touted as “pain free” and good for middle-age and seniors because I guess you don’t have to make a full shoulder turn?

And you know what? I have no clue if this product is junk or if it’s a real gem. Which is why I’m posting here so you guys can give me any experiences you’ve had with this product or give me the lowdown on exactly what is “revolutionary” about this product.

I want to make this clear–I am NOT endorsing this product. I just want to see what you guys thought of it since they were spending so handsomely with all that advertising.

So, leave a comment below if you have any data on Mr. Trahan’s product…myself…and others would like to know.

The web site is 

You can also get more info on his home page at where he offers some freebies such as training videos (I haven’t downloaded them so I’m hoping you guys can give me your 2 cents.)

I am keen on this because I know the modern golf swing can be complex sometimes. If someone can simplify it somehow, I’m always game to listen.


  • Thoms C says:

    Can’t say I’ve heard about it but I have seen a lot of ads for it.

  • Dick Anderson says:

    The Peak Performance swing is truly a WINNER!..It is based on physics and physiology. Once mastered, you can hit the ball just as far or farther than a conventional swing and certainly, consistantly straighter with much less effort and much easier on the back. It is the perfect swing particularly for older golfers. The swing can be learned in very little time and properly learned, will eliminate many hours on the practice range.

  • Tom says:

    Great way to lose 30 yards or more off the club. His son DJ does not swing with a limited shoulder turn. A waste of money.

  • Brian Murphy says:

    Okay, lets get real. There is no perfect golf swing. Just look at Travino or the follow through of Palmer. You want to lower your score, find what works for you hit the back of the ball and then really really learn how to putt. Chipping comes in handy so you don’t have to putt, but your better off getting really good at putting. So, DJ has won some tournaments using his father’s teaching. It works for him. Doesn’t hold up to my theory because he’s like 172nd in putting on tour. I viewed some of his (Don’s) DVD vidieos and they are the opposite of what I just started doing and my score went up 10 strokes so not for me. Looks like it works for his son though.

  • wayne says:

    Let’s have a duel. Stack a few of your students against a few of theirs, and see which way the verdict tilts.

  • Bob Peterson says:

    I’ve started to adopt it. Strangely enough, it seems to work quite well on irons (up to a 4 iron) in terms of both accuracy and distance (I’m more accurate but haven’t lost any distance). However, it is not quite as effective on the longer clubs – it’s very difficult to maneuver the longer club with this swing. Also, I’ve watched his son DJ and although DJ may use the peak performance swing on his iron shots, when you see him take a full swing with a driver or 3 wood off the tee, he makes a bigger turn and gets the club close to parallel, well past the vertical position that Don Trahan recommends. Overall, it is interesting, but not the perfect solution by any means.

  • barry says:

    i am using it for 3 months and am a beliver. it really has helped my back. i would take something before heading out to get through a rond or a pratice session. i no longer have to do it any longer. i’m a full club longer on my irions and about the same on driver. i havent visited the trees in a long time. dirver is in the short grass of first cut. pleasure to be playing well again from t to green. im not sure if its for every body but if you are having a back problem take a look at it.

  • David Taylor says:

    Dick Anderson said it best – it is a winner. I am certainly not very good at it yet, but my handicap has dropped 8 strokes in two months. No, I am not a middle-aged golfer; I am 67 and really don’t have pain, just wanted the consistency I am getting from the PPGS. I never would have believed it in advance.
    That swing is a winner, and your site has ton’s of useful info if anyone really wants to improve.

  • pierre says:

    I think it works so far so good

  • Jan says:

    I live in Australia and do not get your advertisements. I haven’t heard down here of any ‘new swing’ for seniors. I am very much a senior and am happy with my swing.

  • Mike says:

    So far ir has helped me keep the ball in play more often off the tee. I haven’t lost any distance even with keeping the backswing to 3/4 length. I do agree with others that the swing with the driver is not quite the same and I don’t stand quite as wide as Don advocates with outward pressure on the knees. I’ve only played one round since reading the material, so I’ll reserve final judgment for a while. I don’t have any back issues, so I didn’t try this to alleviate any pain. At the range it does seem that I can hit the ball straighter and I can control a draw or fade when I want.

  • Gordon says:

    I have tried to follow the 10 free steps and I didn’t know if it was working very well. The first time I played 18 after practicing the PPGS I played my best round in 15 years. I was out on the same coarse as Pres Obama on Monday and I knocked 11 strokes off my score,

  • stephen says:

    I bought it , wish I hadn’t. My problem is with Don Trahan , on the DVD’s the presentation of his ideas leaves a lot to be desired. There is more than one way to swing a club and what works for some may not work for others.
    Had a lot of trouble receiving my order by the way , took 5 weeks and a few emails

  • Kevin says:

    Bought it (I buy everything!), but returned it for couple of reasons. First is Don Trahan. His brash personality is all about debunking everyone and everything else. He’d say, “this is wrong” and “that is wrong”! I wanted to scream at my monitor, “Stop!” just ell me what you want me to know! Eventually he does, IN THE LAST CD! Second is that all he teaches is a shortened back and single plane swing, nothing new here. If you want something truly different try SYMPLE SWING, a power thumb grip and preset body at address, this program is really different. I don’t use that one either, but I tried and when it worked I had a nice draw on the ball and distance was fine, just too different for this conventional golf swing golfer. Conceptionally, I like the single axis swing (Moe Norman) and I think I incorporate it in my swing. I am writing this on your web page because I actually like Jack Morehouse’s book. The pictures of the backswing demonstrated by handing the bread to someone standing behind me I find easy to practice and I get it. My two cents!

  • Den Hughes says:

    I am 83 years old,recently had knee replacement, I have taken up this Peak Performance and am doing better driveing with this swing, Hit a drive 50 better than my old swing.

  • robert waterworth says:

    rhis is a completely new statement to me ,i have heard nothing of it but would be interested to see what it entails.
    i know of golfing friends who have adapted T shots to ease back problems and they continue to hit the ball many a long mile.
    what this new type of swing entails i know not

  • Les Howard says:

    I too, have bought Mr. Trahan’s program recently. I have implemented his idea’s namely because I have a bad back. The jury is still out as to it’s value. I would agree with other comments that it is easier to use with the irons than the longer clubs. This swing has not, so far, given me any more distance.
    Accuracy has improved minimally with the irons. I have not decided whether or not to continue with this swing.

  • David says:

    Live in England and not heard about it or seen any of the adverts, but everyone is different so what works for someone may not for others, sounds like a gimmic but that’s just an opinion.

  • bubba joe says:

    this is a good and easy swing. I am 61 years old and very low handicap. I first studied this swing in 1997 when Trahan put out a book and video. I routinely hit drives 50 yds + beyond my other 55+ year old buddies. I hit the 8 iron 150 solid, high with good spin. He has proven that the full turn and shoulder 90* is a myth and not needed in the successful golf swing. The sequence of events is the main requirement of the swing meaning the “bump” must begin the downswing and the “bump” occurs prior to the completion of the 3/4 backswing. There are other parts to the swing but this covers the main stuff. I don’t understand the caginess by which you have this blog going but I say it is a good swing technique.

  • Alan says:

    I have found it OK up to a 7 iron. It is hard to control with the longer clubs . I am about two club lengths shorter using the PPGS with the driver.
    As for protecting from back injuries I am not so sure. I find the high finish loads the back as much as anything else I have tried.
    No matter what I try I remain at a handicap of 18.

  • Patrick says:

    Might be useful if you do have back problems – otherwise forget it – there is not one decent Pro on tour who does’nt make a full shoulder turn.

  • Denys Benoit says:

    I am 70 years old with back problems…. Yes, I tryed the system. It is very easy to adopt and very easy to learn. Give me back the short game and the putting I used to have and you would see someone playing his age again.

  • Alan says:

    I have just recently re started playing serious golf after several years of not playing due to back injuries,I have been using DVD’s put out by Darrell Classen,Bobby Eldridge,and now Don Trahan, they are all very good teachers, but I find the Don Trahan one’s better suit my style of play,which I consider has developed around my physical stature,something that numerous teaching Pro’s in my view have not taken into consideration when they have tried to impose their views of how to stand,grip and swing a golf club, often requiring big changes to my setup and not considering my physical limitations,what I have gleaned from Don Trahan’s teaching has made my golf very much more enjoyable and resulted in lower scores,summing up Don’s style suits me, but it may not suit everyone. Alan

  • Michael says:

    I actually subscribed to Don Trahan’s 10 email “lessons”, explaining his swing, and, as with most swing thoughts, took some of it into my game, and left the rest. The two things of his that are helping me are (1) holding the grip a little firmer than I had, and (2) not attempting too big a wrist cock on the way back. Between the two, not manipulating my wrists seems to be the most valuable. I’m finding much more consistent results with those corrections.

  • John George says:

    I tried it and lost yardage. I’m 64 years old but still have some flexibility. It cut my driver yardage by 20 yards. According to Trahan’s teachings football kickers should go back to straight back and through and abandon soccer style. He’s never heard of angular momentum. I must say I did get a quick refund upon applying for it. Maybe if you’re not flexible it might be the swing for you

  • Lawrence Johnson says:

    I have used a variation of it ever since I started playing golf,it’s just the way I taught myself to play. That was years ago and after listening to everyone who I ever golfed with, tell me how do you hit it so far without a back swing I asume that it works,at times . I do find my self as DJ does use a regular swing if I’m needing a good shot that requires shape. I do get all of Don’s emails and I am a believer of this and I do work with it on the range each day as I broke my neck last fall and I can’t make a full shoulder turn and see the ball on the ground ,as my head doesn’t turn far enough to see over my shoulder ,so the 3/4 turn is just fine for my game. Whatever works

  • Lawrence Johnson says:

    If you really want to know about it spend a day or two on the range or course and try it

  • Richard P. says:

    I have purchased the DVDs and found his style of swing has helped me stay in the fairways.I am 44 yrs old,only played 8 rounds of golf in my life,and wanted to be able to play well enough to be competitive with friends. His teaching do seem to be based on physics and physiology.It is backed by experts in the medical field and I can vouch that it has given me a good system to improve my game quickly and consistently due to his sound fundemental teaching. It just plain makes sense what he says. I agree with the fella earlier who stated that it is best to find a style you feel comfortable with and practice it. Doesn’t make sense to listen to a bunch of different people with different ideas and expect to improve. That is like playing any sport and having 5 head coaches at one time who all have an opinion.Most importantly,remember it is just a game, and HAVE FUN!
    Will continue to play this game as long as it’s fun……and guys,let’s face the facts, we are and probably will never play like the “Tour Pros”.
    Golf Rookie…Richard P. Thanks Don Trahan for the sound teaching you have given me at a very fair price.

  • David Riches says:

    I and an Australian living in Asia, I am 70 and have played golf for some 50 years all over the world. Got down to single figures, when i lost my job when i was about 35, took three months to get one and so i went out and practiced and played golf every day. Dropped from a 23 to 6. Never had a lesson and i still play off single figures. I play twice a week and practice on the range twice a week (I am retired). There is no substitue for practice and playing. By the way the descriptions I read on a few of these notes sounds very like my swing. i have no back problems.
    I have lost a bit of distance but my short game makes up for that.

  • David Riches says:

    Sorry I should have also said I have never heard of this new swing,

  • Hogan says:

    I am a swedish guy age 43. I have been testing this system for about
    2 weeks. I have played about 6 rounds and my Hcp has dropped from 14 to 11. Now i am always ; ) in the fairway and hits about 60% GIR.
    I have not lost any distance at all.
    I am a true beliver!

  • Tor says:

    I’m a Norwegian age 64 and play golf 5 – 6 times a week. I have been using Don Trahan ‘s system for about 3 weeks. No doubt that it is very effective for short irons and rescue/hybrid clubs. My driver, long irons and woods do not work with his swing – too much skying for the driver and topping otherwise – but it could be my fault?!. However, I’m now satisfied by keeping my shots on the fairway most of the time. And most important – no back-, shoulder-, arm- and wrist-pain any longer. So I’ll continue to use it.

  • Bhaskar says:

    Different physical types would perhaps require swing variations. A one size fits all may not be the solution for everyone. Also, seniors may have problems adjusting the swings that they are used to. If seniors are not happy with their golf swing after many years on the course, they would have thrown their clubs long ago.

  • Claude, Canada says:

    I am 62 with back, knees and elbows problems. I just started to use the Peak Performance Golf Swing and I have to admit that it is great for me who as been playing for more than 20 years and could’nt find the swing the whould give me the best feeling. What I like the most is the approach Don Trahan as is less angle the less chances to mis your shots. All my shots (drive, long shots, short shots) improoved withing 3 days of practice. It is easy to learn and cost very little.
    I have all your DVD and all the lessons up to the 22nd month. These have help me to understand a lot of things but the PPGS limited 3/4 swing fits me better, gives me better feeling and hurt less if not at all.

    Keep up your good work and good luck

  • pfloughran says:

    I saw this on the internet like everyone else and studied it and then tryed to duplicate it on the range and golf course. First let me say I have been playing golf seriously for over forty-five years I am a senior sixty-nine years young and currently a ten handicap . In other words I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to golf products and golf instruction..In my opinion this system does not work. Learn the fundamentals and keep playing and practicing thats’ all that works…Not every new idea or system that someone comes up with will work..Do you think they are thinking of making a quick buck…Best regards and keep it in the short grass….PFL

  • Joe Cowley says:

    With this system one is advised that having reached the nine o’clock position on the backswing the club should be lifted straight up. Of course, this promotes a very upright swing and, particularly for the person who tends to slice, the dangers of an out to in swing path from this position are obvious.

    Two good points: 1) It made me realise that I should flatten my swing plane – I got good results.

    2) My request for a refund was dealt with immediately.

  • Rayzer says:

    I purchased the full system for PPGS and have tried it out for the last 10 golf rounds. Yes it does help to alleviate back problems and such. However it does mess with your original swing too much mainly because the teaching is for a very upright swing which works good for the irons but plays havoc with the driver and fairway woods causing slices and a distinct lack of distance with the driver.

    I would not recommend this system if you are under 40 but those of you with sore back, neck and shoulder issues this could be a very good alternative swing that puts much less strain on those areas.

    The videos supplied (paid for) are somewhat better than the free versions but really lack in clarity. It’s Don’s way or the highway and for those that don’t like instruction shouted and rammed down your throat this system is probably not for you.

    Overall I think that there is better instruction out there but if you’ve tried everything going and without sucess Don’s method will certainly get you playing reasonable golf at the expense of distace and poor results with the driver, mainly because this swing is too upright for good driver shots. Irons work pretty good though.


  • Manny says:

    Nothing new under the sun as far as I’m concerned. Just his variations and way of wording. Didn’t do a thing for me. I asked for my money back and haven’t heard a thing or seen my money since. I say stay away. As others have said practice practice practice. Much better to find some drills to help eliminate bad technique.

  • Rayzer says:

    Adding to my post 2 back. Don Trahan has a blog where you can leave comments especially for those needing help and feedback on his swing methods. He just doesn’t answer anyone. You are left in the lurch-he occasionally answers about 1 in 50 queries-most posters are just left to flounder on their own. So if you really need clarification on some point forget it none will be forthcoming. In my view this is very poor, they take your money readily but no support after that.

  • Mo Reardon says:

    I am 58 and been playing 6 years. I thought I was getting 10 free videos but I ended up paying. I only received the first 2 but I do get daily emails and tips, some of which are useful. A couple of points have really helped me. I used to worry about bend, stick bum out, head behind, bend knees etc etc but the “athletically ready stance” works so much better, wish I’d had that advice years ago. Also the grip pressure on the club but your recent advice on that has helped even more. Only problem is I’m doing a few air swings now, haven’t done many in years. Too many things to think about and now I sometimes forget to hit the Bal!!

  • irvine Carcary says:

    Hi, Jack, I have used Don’s swing for some time now, let me explain I am over 65, have a bad left hip. Using this swing has indeed reduced any pain, from my swing, I come off the 18th, feeling fine. I cannot say that I have gained any distance, but it has helped greatly with my comfort and keeps me playing golf. PS I am off to South Africa, and looking forward to playing a round or two with my son.

  • BOGEYMAN says:

    It’s rediculous, It’s simply a little 3/4 knockdown shot, which obviously is not going to be longer, If you read what he says, then watch his sons swing you can find on u-tube , he’s not doing that at all. If you are terrible and have no certain way of repeating a swing, sure it probably helps keep you straighter, because itd a shorter swing and you are doing it the same way each time which is a must no matter how you do it. I think is much better this guy knows what he is doing.

  • Emilio says:

    I´ve been playing for around 6 years by now, got into golf late in my life, but God knows I´m really enjoying. Started really playing a lot when my family and I moved to Florida. I´m not that old, I guess, only 43 years old, but started with back problems several years ago. Not 100% sure reason, but guess was doing something funny with the traditional way of swinging. Finally, decided to give it a try to a non-traditional swing. Don´t think it´s this one everybody seems to refer to, but can tell you that I´m back pain free for the last year with this new non traditional method. And the best thing is that I gain in distance. Apparently it´s an old swing method, arguable one of the best of his time, frequently used by long drive hitters, based on the famous Mike Austin swing (the guy who broke the record guiness of longest drive in an offical PGA competition). All I can say is it has worked for me, it´s really soft on your back, and has the extra adder of distance. Jaacob Bowden and John Marshall are some guys who has been using this way of swinging lately, with great results. Cheers..

  • parbuster says:

    I too have seen DJ Trahan’s videos. If someone has back problems, this might work. One thing I didn’t like is all you see his DJ talking, no motions about what he is talking about. I think he can talk, but he can’t walk.
    I am 67 years old, been around this game since 13, and I seen more changes in this sport than any other. I have come to learn that everyone that plays wants to swing like the pros!! Well, we can’t. We are built different, have different muscle tones, and don’t have access to “pro teachers”.
    The equipment the pros play with are not the same as what we buy at the outlet stores. I know this for a fact, because even Tiger says you can’t buy his exact same clubs. The pros are given the clubs they use, and are fitted perfectly for them. The same is for the balls. The balls they use and we buy are geared for pro swings ie 110 plus.
    The average club speed for other golfers is about 85 to 90. Big difference.
    Getting back to the PPGS series, this is not for everyone. I have tried it , and the one move that works for me is from Andy Brown in England. He has material on the 4 secret moves in golf. Check it out. This one realloy works.
    Have a great day and keep up th good work!!

  • Its a Simple Tips but its a big source of information that everybody can use in their performance in playing golf. I could recommend this article in all of my friends for them to be inspired playing and helpful tips they can use too. Thank you so much!

  • JT says:

    I downloaded all the videos three months ago and even have them in my iPod. I “bought in” because I was frustrated on how I was hooking the ball. Where I live (South Dakota) the nearest pro is 45 miles away and the nearest good pro is 100 miles.

    I no longer hook the ball like I did, but I have to agree with some of the posters here who say they’ve lost distance. I certainly have. Many of the things that Don says makes sense. Some seem to be stretching logic a bit. I have the same problem with his swing as any other — who do you trust for advice when you’re not hitting the ball well.

    I also think that if your fundamentals are sound — good turn, connected swing, not swinging over-the-top — you can make a lot of swings work.

    The season here is almost over. I think I’m going back to a traditional swing (no back problems) and seeing if what I’ve learned while testing Don’s swing will allow me to continue to hit it straight but at the same distances I used to.

  • bryan says:

    i just went to the range last night after watching some of Don’s videos. at first i was shanking balls like crazy, then i made a few mild adjustments (got rid of wide knees) and began striking the ball very well. i am an ex baseball player so the 3/4 back swing was comfortable to me as it is similar to how i would load just before my swing. and i did not lose distance. i was however much more accurate..long story short, soak up all the knowledge you can and then incorparate what works for you and discard the rest.

  • Rama says:

    Waiting to see how this peak performance swing is helping golfers of all ages. Will wait before I buy one…….

  • Ramrod says:

    Let’s face it. Anybody who lacks flexibility will strike the ball better with a flatter, shorter backswing. And they won’t lose any distance because their flexibility is limiting distance anyway when they lose balance and get the club off plane trying to make a bigger turn than they can make. They may even hit it further.

    But take that move back to 7,000+ yards and you’ll get your butt handed to you.

    Single plane, double plane, its all baloney. Work on your conditioning, then find the relative level of up-rightness or flat-ness you need in your backswing to consistently hit a good trajectory WITH a shallow divot and you will see a sub 5 index very shortly thereafter and you won’t be in pain.

  • Richard says:

    I have only received the 10 email tips. I have found three things in particular to be very useful: 1) grip equally with both hands, 2) no wrist cock & 3) outward pressure on knees. I have been trialling these now for c 3 weeks and have found that I am hitting the long shots very much straighter with no loss of distance. Previously, I tended to over swing with the driver/long irons. These tips have kept the swing very much more compact and hence consistent. I play off 10 but have always been held back by my inconsistent driving. I think that these three tips will prove to be extremely beneficial to my game as I now believe that I will end up in less trouble off the tee. The swing changes were also extremely easy to make although I am still getting used to having a shorter swing (nb I still go for a full shoulder turn).

  • Tom says:

    I’m 63 years old with a 23 handicap. I have been transitioning to this swing for the past 6 weeks. The number one thing is that it is much easier on my back. I don’t have to eat Advil during and after my round. It has straightened most of my irons and hybrid. My driver is still a work in progress. With my old swing I would go from a hard hook to a huge slice and everything in between. My misshits now are either skyed shots that go 100 to 140 yards right down the middle or fades and slices. I think that is due to the increased swing speed generated by the club being perpendicular at the top. It has lowered my overall scores by about 7 strokes.

  • Bill Knipscher says:

    PPGS will revolutionize the golf game. Instead of feeling like I was hitting a baseball (left field, right field, pop up, strike out, etc.) once I got the swing down (about 3 weeks 2x a week) I felt like I was a sniper with a scoped rifle. Where do you want the ball? 10 feet left of that white stake 230 yards out? No problem. While that sounds like an exaggeration, I would love to show you how close I came to tree lines while cutting dog leg corners. It almost scared me until I saw the ball rolling into the sunshine just past the tree stands. Unbelievable. 6 greens-in-regulation on 9 holes and those were the final 6, after I got warmed up, including two par 5’s. It’s not a golf bag any more, it’s a quiver!

  • Mr Kim A Hillier says:

    I am from Australia and joined Dons course. When I tried to unsubscribe I was told that I had to phone in my resignation. This is nearly impossible, so I am still paying $19 month 2 years later. Its a scam

  • Larry Newell says:

    I have used Natural Golf (you need very strong upper body and forearms for this), Simple Golf (good but not easy to repeat from shot to shot) and Peak Performance Golf over the last 4 years. While Simple Golf and Peak Performance Golf both really save the back, Peak Performance Golf is the best, most repeatable golf swing with the fewest moving parts. Fewer moving parts means less stress, less timing, easier to learn and repeat. People who say they are losing distance need to look at the new released, updated video, width of stance, to understand what Surg is telling you to do from the top of the swing through the hitting zone. I’m 71 and I love it. Only negative is Surg is too detailed. Needs to simplify the teaching to make it easier to pick up what he is trying to teach you. It’s not how far you hit it, it is about where to put it. Done correctly you will have both accuracy and distance. Study the instructions, just don’t simply watch it.

  • Renato Padilla says:

    I was hesitant at first because it is a vertical swing… And my original swing was actually vertical when I started golf almost 4 years ago…. I was in a learning curve by then when a teahing pro corrected my swing to the traditional swing… but I was not happy with it and sure enough my handicapped become higher….. So my brother in the US sent me a copy as a gift ( since he never played golf anyway) …
    When I watched the video I noticed some similarities with my old swing and I followed some of his tips and fixes…. It was not akward to me at all, it feels right and I regained my old swing back with improvements…. As they said , you dont only go to attend trainings to learn new things but you also want confirmation what you are doing is also correct or being used by other people…. ( For me Golf swing are subjective, it depends on the golfer) Having this in mind and hours of watching old great golfer video footages, I have noticed that all swings varies…. and they are hitting that old ball (less superior than what we have now) with an old wooden clubs and shafts for a distance of 250 yards!!!
    I could hit an average of 250 yards with all the technology in the world…..

    I could say PPGS is a swing that is sound and no gimmicks… Maybe not for everybody but certainly for me… I am a handicap 14 and playing golf for almost 4 years now (Not a really consistent player) , I play almost once every week end… Vertical Swing really does work!

    But Ofcourse learning from this site one of the true fact that short game and putting is also a factor in lowering your handicap. I played with some guys who are already in the seniors, they dont hit long….. they dont even reach the long par 4s in regulation! But their short game works and almost all the time they chip it near the pin! I seldom see them 3 putted, 2 puts max ….

    So I could declare, PPGS is the real deal but still need to work on those course management, short game and putting….

  • Bill says:

    Took Peak Performance lessons and learned the swing. I’m 59 and have mediocre back and arthritis in my knees. I am not fat and quite fit. This works great for me. Shot 73 and 78 this weekend. Hit more fairways and greens with limited turn vertical swing. Check it out I did golf tech and Natural golf. This is easier. Not easy. Easier.

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