Peak Performance Golf Swing. Boon or Bane?

I’m in the golf business so you can imagine how many golf products and gimmicks I see. And to be honest, I quite enjoy keeping an eye out for these things as it really seems interesting which ones tend to work out and which ones don’t.

But when someone comes out with an instructional product that proposes an entirely new swing (just as when the “Stack and Tilt” swing came about), I want to learn more.

You’ve probably seen Don Trahan’s infomercials (Peak Performance Golf DVD’s) on the Golf Channel or late night television. It’s a relatively new product that came out this year. He’s also running a ton of advertising on the web as well on the major golf sites.

And it’s being touted as “pain free” and good for middle-age and seniors because I guess you don’t have to make a full shoulder turn?

And you know what? I have no clue if this product is junk or if it’s a real gem. Which is why I’m posting here so you guys can give me any experiences you’ve had with this product or give me the lowdown on exactly what is “revolutionary” about this product.

I want to make this clear–I am NOT endorsing this product. I just want to see what you guys thought of it since they were spending so handsomely with all that advertising.

So, leave a comment below if you have any data on Mr. Trahan’s product…myself…and others would like to know.

The web site is 

You can also get more info on his home page at where he offers some freebies such as training videos (I haven’t downloaded them so I’m hoping you guys can give me your 2 cents.)

I am keen on this because I know the modern golf swing can be complex sometimes. If someone can simplify it somehow, I’m always game to listen.


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Author: Jack

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