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PGA Tour Rookie Steele Throws Tiger Woods Under The Bus

In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.”

After the Farmer’s last weekend, Tour rookie Brendan Steele said Woods laid down during his last round. In other words…he gave up. Apparently disgusted with his performance, Woods simply did as little as possible to get the job done.

Steele was quoted in Sports Illustrated.

“I don’t think he gave it ­everything today. Once it started going in the wrong direction, I don’t think it had his full attention.”

Steele and Woods were paired together Sunday at Torrey Pines. Steele shot 2-under 70, while Woods posted 75 to tie for 44th. It was Woods’ worst ever finish in the event.

Forget the fact that this kid is a brand new rookie, calling Woods a quitter is quite a strong statement considering Woods’ legendary ability to grind out even the most miserable of rounds…regardless of his position.

So, obviously this has caused quite a stir but let’s look at the facts. Whether or not Woods “quit” during his final round, in my opinion, is irrelevant. The last guys to have the balls to go after Woods like this, (namely Vijay’s caddie and then Stephen Ames) became targets of Woods’ fury. And he made no bones about it, letting his performance show his disapproval of their comments about him.

Now, I’m not defending Tiger nor am I saying that Steele isn’t right. But I do take exception with protocol. Tiger, despite his current slump, is the most decorated golfer of his era and I believe he will return to his grace. And to have a rookie who is barely in his 3rd start in the big show call him out is a big mistake. What does that say about Steele’s level of respect for the guys who have laid the path for his paycheck and career? What has Steele done that earned him the right to even have a say about Tiger.

Personally, I’m disgusted by the idiots on Tour who chime in, thinking they know a thing or two about Tiger. I want to say “Look guys, that man you are so interested to comment about his poor play or whatever is the same man you should be thanking for the large purse money you’re playing for. Think long and hard about that when you finish 52nd and still earn $40,000.”

But I guess golf is like a box of chocolates…you never know what kind you’re gonna get.

What do you guys think?

***Update 2/3/11***
Seems Mr. Steele has clarified his comments about Tiger since this story broke earlier in the week. And I will say that all your comments have made me consider this topic from several perspectives.

So, I wanted to give you my “bottom line” on this one.

At the end of the day, I don’t really care one way or the other who speaks up about who on the Tour. They’re all grown men and can take care of themselves. My point in addressing this topic (although ill-conceived) is that I take umbrage with a brand new Tour player shedding some not-so-positive light on one of the “seasoned veterans”. The target in question could have been Steve Elkington, Ernie Els, Mickelson, etc. Just so happened to be Woods that Steele talked about. I just really think it is a stupid political and career move for Steele. That’s it. Each man is entitled to their opinion and I actually believe what Steele said because I watched Woods play the last round at Torrey. It is my opinion that just about every Tour pro “bags it” once in a while when they know they’re out of the contention so it’s pretty common. But you don’t see too many professional golfers actually voicing it. Seems like a bit of betrayal of the brotherhood of the PGA Tour guys but like I said…just my 2 cents. I’m not saying I’m right, just weighing in.

  • Justin says:

    Tiger’s in the tank. He has lost it.

  • Mike says:

    I think your anger or ‘disgust’ is out of line, Jack. Listen to Steele explain himself. He is a rookie on tour, he meant no disrespect, and he is a rookie with regards to dealing with the media.

    Give the kid a break, and this topic a rest. Remember how everyone jumped on Tiger when he was a rookie and told a few jokes. Field day! And this has colored his relationship with the media ever since.


    Mike Gordon

  • Nick says:

    Americans love to create heros and then tear them down.

  • Tim says:

    So what if he indeed insulted him, maybe it was not a gentlemanly thing to do as far as golf goes. Tiger, as a golfer will always be considered as one of the greats but not as one of the great gentleman of the game and when you disrespect as many people as he did he is open for comments when the golf community stops treating him as a god and as a golfer maybe he himself will understand and show a little more humility. And grow up does he want his son growing up to be like he was or what he could and should have been a man who has a great gift.

  • David says:

    First of all, disrespect is not a verb! Second, Tiger has not treated a lot of people with the respect he should have, including his wife and children. What goes around comes around.

  • Dan says:

    I’m on the fence with this one. On one side, I see your point Jack. No rookie has earned the right to slam anyone on tour, much less Tiger.

    On the other side, I see Mike’s point. It may been taken out of context along with the fact that he is in fact a rookie with no experience handling the press.

    I will not defend Tiger’s past, but will defend his game. IMO, he is the best to ever play the game. Will he return to full stride? That remains to be seen. From what I see now, it’s going to be tough…


  • Scott Yawberg says:

    I have watched a lot of Tiger Woods over his reign and there were a couple tournaments at the end of last year that I felt he gave up the ghost.
    You could see after a bad shot he just walked on didn’t even frown about it. His face was saying lets get this over with and get out of this place.
    I am not saying we all have not been in the same mind but he is expected to give more than me.

  • Gary Loizzo says:

    I think Steele had a great vantage point in seeing Tigers play. Steele is green with respect to the media and may have said too much, but in this business of golf, your only as good as your last round of golf and tiger hasn’t had too many great ones since his problems were brought to the publics attention. Tiger is free game to talk about, he’s no longer the God of golf (a title he once deserved). Rookie or not, Steele is competing with the current field and has a right to his openion. Is Tiger above criticism? I think not, sincerely, Gary Loizzo

  • Bill Jenks says:

    I have to agree with Mike on this one. I don’t believe what his playing partner said was in any way disrespectful or intended to be. Tiger is a human like the rest of us and does not warrant any special treatment.

  • Pat says:

    Why be upset? Steele played 18 holes with Tiger and watched him play up close and his demeanor during the round. Did you watch Tiger hit every shot and putt? So, how do you know how hard Tiger tried during the round? Steele was giving his opinion on what he observed. I am sure he wasn’t trying to “disrespect” him to use your words. He was probably excited to play with the former number 1 player in the world and disappointed in that Tiger didn’t give it his all. Isn’t that one of the qualities that Tiger is known for? Tiger rarely shoots over par in the last round of a tournament! Judging by Tiger’s score, methinks Steele may have been correct.

  • Steve says:

    To quote Shakespeare…”Much ado about nothing!”

  • Joe says:

    Im disappointed in Tiger. So many people put this guy on a pedistal. What a disappointment.Guess there will only be one Arnold.

  • Dan says:

    I guess I’m old school, but I think that making negative comments about a fellow golfer’s game is bad form, unless that golfer did something on the course that was just detrimental to the game. Mr. Steele may have been 100% in what he said, but that doesn’t mean that he has to say it.

  • Parman 23 says:

    The rookie should’ve just said….”It was great to play with Tiger Woods. This was an incredible opportunity to watch and learn his approach to the game. But more important, I tried to focus on what I needed to do to shoot as low as possible on every hole. It was an awesome day!”

    Same thing the precocious McIlroy did last year.

  • Eddie says:

    I think Steele should watch his mouth. If golf has teached me anythink, it’s that even on your best day, you shouldn’t look down on the highest score of the day, because on any given day, that could be you. So even if he observed that Tiger gave up, it’s not something he should comment on. Obviously Steele had high expectations about playing alongside the “great” Tiger Woods, but guess what… he’s only human. Tiger has proven over and over the importance of the mental game, and right now he’s just not able to put his mind totally on golf. By the way, this is problably as much attention as Steele willever get out of the golf public and media. Now that’s something he should concern himself with.

  • scotty says:

    Since these are not your words (text comes from yahoo sports) i find it hard to reply.But i assume you agree with blogger.Its not the first time i’ve noticed Tiger mailing it in.I hope he gets himself right because he IS the greastest golfer i’ve ever seen!(sorry Jack)

  • Wayne says:

    Steele should have kept his mouth shut. You don’t put yourself on record saying you didn’t think one of your fellow competitors (Tiger or no Tiger) gave it everything today. Would you want some young kid fresh out of college at your place of business, on the job for 3 weeks telling you or your boss that he or she thinks you’re not giving your all at work?? I didn’t think so.

  • Mutinyct says:

    Steel did not “dis-respect” Tiger. A member of the media asked him a direct question and he gave a direct and honest answer.

    Being a rookie should not deny a player the right to answer questions.

  • Sam says:

    I read the comment. I didn’t read anything into it, except as an observation by a fellow player. We do it all of the time on our weekend outings. The media, as usual, manufactures content or intent out of thin air, much like the Fed does with money .. but that’s another story for another blog altogether.

  • Joel says:

    This is a rookie making a rookie mistake. Look at what happened to Phil when he said that Tiger had inferior equipment. Perhaps this is the fire Tiger needs under his tucas to start dominating the way he has in the past. I know he is working on another swing change and that takes time. However, when he started working on a swing change with Hank H., he was still dominate. I believe there is more going on than what meets the eye. And one more thing, I would like to see more positive energy when he hits an iron shot or sinks a putt at a crucial time. More fist pumps, high fives, etc.

  • Jen says:

    Let me get this straight… Comments about Woods are unacceptable unless you happen to have 14 majors under your belt??!!!! Sorry, a tour rookie as well as yours truly who isn’t even worthy of tying the golf shoes for a tour rookie have JUST as much right as anyone else to call it as we see it. How does the rookie “disrespect” Woods. He played 18 holes with the guy. I always said that there is no better way to learn about someone than to play golf with them. Regardless of Tiger’s track record or past victories… this was an observation of a golfer’s last 18 holes… NOT an indictment of his career. I think YOU are out of line!!! 🙂 (With all due respect for your entitlement to your opinion!!!)

  • Bob says:

    Good golf play is not an excuse for bad behavior. Tiger Woods has never had, nor will will have any class or character. Golf is a gentleman’s game, you have never heard Tiger referered to as a gentleman, and you never will !

  • Troy says:

    Sorry, but you’re on your own with this one, Jack. Tiger failing to give it his all is a much bigger sign of disrespect to the fans who pay to watch him play–certainly more than a rookie giving his opinion of what he saw simply because he was asked to.

  • Bruce says:

    I’m disapointed in Tigers play and have felt for sometime even before his troubles that he was not playing enough. He has all on his own made other players step up to be noticed. True he is to thank for the money they are making so to throw him under the bus is a mistake.
    As a fan of the game and a player I still admire his ability but I also enjoy Tom Watson, Ernie Ells,Brinay Baird,Davis Love III and a number of European players. Does Tiger have anything to play for I think not.
    When he decides to play for himself and not the others who need him he will shine. Golf needs Tiger type players. Is this rookie a Tiger type player? I doubt it but he is getting his 15 minutes.
    I want to see Tiger enjoy the game. Will this ever happen.

  • Kevin says:

    Respect does not come automatically, it has to be earned. Tiger has lost the respect of a lot of his fans and has shown disrespect to his family. There is nothing wrong with telling the truth, something that Tiger hopefully has learned.

  • Richard says:

    Tiger made mistakes (in his life) but is still one of the greatest players. I think it as a shame for anyone sponsor or rookie to pass judgment. What if Tiger was not just feeling well? What if indeed he didn’t want to fight it for whatever reason. Who is there to judge and publicly comment about it if not to have his little share of “glory”. Sad.

  • Sean says:

    I think Steel should have saved the comment for the clubhouse.

    As evidenced by his final round of 72, perhaps he should have paid more attention to his game, then his opponents.

  • Terry ( New Zealand ) says:

    Tour rookie Brendan Steele’s outburst tells me more about the make-up of Steele than Tiger. This brash, loud-mouthed attention seeker will rue the day he made those comments. When was the last time a rookie made those types of comments about a fellow golfer let alone the best golfer of his era – never! Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t apologise to Tiger. It would be in his own interest to do so. This will haunt him for a long time to come. He will now be under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Comments will flow about his failures, not Tigers.

    My take on Tiger’s play in the last round would be one of a practice round – testing his rebuilt swing which is obviously letting him down under pressure. To quote Tiger ” taking the swing from the range to the course is not happening”.To me his swing is going backwards – becoming too dis-connected. Hopefully he and his coach work it out soon.

    Not since Greg Norman has someone given this great game the boost and ratings it deserves – thanks Tiger.

    Get back to the winner’s circle soon and show all these pretenders who is the true #1. Go Tiger!

  • Len says:

    Who cares. Tiger has had his day. Let the new kids on the block get the press instead of a player who has had far too many days in the sun.

  • Mike Brown says:

    I think it is what it is. Tiger is just not playing golf the way everyone expects him to play. Whatever the reasons are. When he gets his game back, all the talk, and criticism will end. Every player has to take the good with the bad even Tiger.

  • clay in kansas city says:

    Tiger was the best and could be again. Right now, he is not in the top 50 players in the world. And yes, he has mailed it in a few times recently. Not sure about Sunday, but it is possible. But to say Tiger has shown class in his career is just not accurate. He didn’t even offer congratulations to Phil after the Masters last year when Phil had that epic victory. It is always about him off and on the golf course. Have you EVER heard he or Steve his jerkoff caddy tell people to not move and shut up when those in his group are hitting. It doesn’t happen. Yet, Steve will break someone’s camera if they take a picture from 400 yards away. Tiger pumps his fist like it is a basketball game and he just dunked on Jordan. He never gives credit to any other player. He doesn’t sign autographs. The guy is a jerk and I don’t care if he gets called out. Yes, it was probably out of line by Steele but who friggin cares. Tiger has been out of line since he first came on the scene.

  • mike says:

    Woods never was or will be a GREAT golfer. want to see greatness? look at Nicklaus in the Senior Skins. at 71 he still rises to the occassion! when asked about being the greatest he responded by pointing to his wife, children and grandchildren. Woods disrespected the game and himself by his behavior both on and off the course and should walk off into the sunset. nobody who truly understands the game wants him around! you reap what you sow and Woods has just began to reap for his disgusting behavior.

  • Warren says:

    I have never been a fan of Tiger though I have respect for what he has done for the profile of the game.
    I wonder if Steele made comments or observations with regards to Tiger’s round, all I know is a few times that the other players in my group have said that I may of not been 100% committed to the round if all goes belly up. (And their right)
    It is one round and I think we have all done the same at some stage.
    Tiger just does it in front of Millions of viewers world wide.

  • James says:

    Any crap Tiger get is well deserved.

  • StanPar says:

    I’m extremely disappointed, not in Brendan Steele, but in you for writing about this event. Tiger has to learn that he has been paid millions and millions of dollars for his “privacy” and that, has an overpaid public figure, he is fair game. Not only does Tiger has to learn it but also reporters and bloggers. I have never been a big fan of Tiger’s arrogance towards fellow players, sponsors, and the PGA itself. With all that has come to light in the past year or so, the only think he can justifiably claim is being the number 1 “role model” for idiots…

  • Jim says:

    Agree with Mike, based on Steele’s comments you quoted, I think Steele was being pretty gentle with his comments. We’ve all heard a lot worse. After all, Steele was paired with him, not you Jack, so he would have a first hand read. sorry, Your’re over the top on this one.

  • mark k says:

    I think the 1st thing that comes to mind is ” He who has not sinned cast the 1st stone”
    I have always been a tiger fan ,I’m sorry he is one of the greats no matter what anybody says. I feel like he will be back someday,when, who knows, the ability is there ,the head isn’t yet. I am not condoning what he did , but I feel that the press just wore this one out and is still selling papers with. Atleast Tiger admited to what he did and is trying to get back.
    Let’s look back to the summer at Big Ben ,He had some trouble with a young lady and it wasn’t the 1st time or 2nd time ,or etc…. and look at him He is playing in the Super Bowl. We could do the same thing to any sport and your going to find more Tigers ,more Ben’s.
    The difference is you don’t have somebody trying to make a million dollars trying to sell a story to the Natioal Inquirer
    Let’s just give it a rest and see if the one the greatest golfers can get his game back……..

  • Larry Spence says:

    Come-on, Tiger deserves everything being dealt out to him. He is now and always has been a self-absorbed athlete and is way overpaid for what he does. Most upper echelon athletes are the same.
    It has always surprised me that the old Tiger could throw clubs, curse like a sailor, treats people badly and be called a role model. Doesn’t fit.
    He in my opinion doesn’t repect the sport.

  • TomPru says:

    Professional golf has been and should continue to be on a different and more professional level from more physical sports. Steele was wrong to say what he did and this should be nipped in the bud. If not, I can whimsically envision a day when a golfer, after sinking a long putt, dance around the green and beating his chest…

  • Mg says:

    We cant live in the past. Tiger is as Tiger does

  • Jeff says:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers one of Tiger’s first tournaments when he finished in the top ten. He had just beaten most of the best golfers in the world and he said, “I didn’t bring my ‘A game’ today”. Talk about a rookie disrespect. That’s the day I quit admiring Tiger.

  • Al B says:

    As James says, any crap tiger gets at this point is well deserved.

  • Rosemary says:

    He called it like he saw it. What’s wrong with that?
    Should he have said Tiger gave it everything he had during the round
    when it probably seemed obvious that Tiger did not.
    I am glad the kid called it as he saw it.

  • Brian says:

    I see no problem with the comments. As a player of ‘fantasy’ golf, as well as golf itself, it is a human condition by which Tiger Woods, or any other golfer who is out of the running, performs. I’m telling you a guy out of the running will either not give his all or, perhaps, experiment just a bit when they are out of the running. IT takes a ton of concentration to be at the top of a game and ANY break whatsoever snowballs to becoming more distracting as the round continues. It is EASILY the norm on tour…not that much difference to these fellows between 15K and 20K when they make what they do. The exception would generally, but not always, be those who have to fight for every dollar in hopes of winning their card.

  • Geoff says:

    I am a Tiger fan but unfortunately he as to prove himself all over – he has done nothing for a year. I doubt if he gave up at Farmers but Steele has a right to his comments even as a rookie!

  • Gary says:

    For Pete’s sake Jack!
    You drool over Tiger more than his beloved media!
    He reaps what he has sown when it comes to respect.

  • Barry Masters says:

    I can’t believe the sycophantic behavior of the golf world and in particular the commentators on the various golf TV channels who seem to think the rest of the world is only interested in Tiger Woods and his prowess on the golf course. We weren’t interested in his off-course peccadilloes and we certainly are not interested TO THE EXCLUSION OF MOST OTHER GOLFERS on the course in what TW is doing. Get some balance in the presentation. The man is one of 70 to 140 on the course – all deserve some coverage. Stop this heavy predominance on this one golfer. I know the sponsors and those others who pay the bills like to have him in their tournaments, but he is present so they have their money’s worth. Let’s see the other golfers plying their trade to the best of their ability. The rest of the world aren’t that interested in Tiger Woods.

  • jan van eldert says:

    I feel sorry for a whole lot of journalists who went on their knees for TIGER the greatest of all.They spent their whole career following him andwriting every week about him and come up with the most rediculous
    stories and even let us know what kind of hero he was jumping of a cliff bungy jumping in NEW ZEALAND.
    Tiger never brought money to the rookies :they came to the tour just like him they worked hard on their game and suffered through the qalifying school etc.The greedy ness of the big companies gives the opportunity to make some of the money,When Tiger got into trouble they were in a hurry to let him go from their lables. So much for respect there.I think and I am sure that we still have freedom of speach in the USA,even if it concerns Mr Tiger Woods the greatest golfer ever. Please write about the beauty of the game and forget about “TrASH”

  • MUC says:

    Really….How is what the rookie said throwing Tiger ‘under the bus’. No doubt that he was totally honored to even be playing with Tiger. I am guessing he prob just called a spade a spade..Just like I would if I played with someone who quit on his round. While Tiger is the best golfer ever in my books..He still is not bigger than the game…If he quit on his round cause he was playing like crap..Then so be it….REALLY PEOPLE…WHO CARES…Cheers..

  • Why, oh WHY is this news? Tiger is just another player on the tour, and will never be the equal of Jack or Tom or Arnie. He is a poor excuse for a human being. That being said, anyone on tour who played 18 hole with him and said basically, “he phone it in” has a right to his opinion. The press, for WAY too long has lionized a man who has proved to be just slightly above pond scum. He didn’t play well, and if he gave up, so be it. I wasn’t there, the other members of his group were. If they think he phoned it in, then they have the right to say so. Tiger is NOT a god, so quit treating him that way. I was disgusted with CBS for even showing him on TV on Sunday when he wasn’t in contention. No one who is a fan of golf cared what he shot. One message for the press. GET OVER IT.

  • Mike says:

    Stick to golf instruction Jack. I can’t believe you could be “pretty upset” by this comment. Steele commented on one round, not Tiger’s career. I have no doubt that when out of the running Tiger has mailed in a few rounds of golf over the years, believe it or not he is human. Speaking of Tiger, I see that it is business as usual with him, he hasn’t changed one bit, other than his game going south. He is still throwing clubs, and swearing like crazy on course. So much for that plate of humble pie he ate. In my opinion he should have been suspended from the PGA Tour for his indiscretions and troubles of last year. Had his name been Daly he would have been banned from the tour for life. Instead he has Finchem bending over backwards, or should I say over a chair, to accommodate him until he feels up to returning. He has no respect for the game or his fellow competitors, only his own perceived entitlement of greatness. I will never consider him to be the greatest, as that title comes with more than just the ability to get the little white sphere in the hole with the stick, pun very much intended.

  • Doug says:

    Tiger = Big Pay Days. Come on now that completely absurd. Golf would be excatly wheres its at with or with out Tiger Woods. Golf is thee Greatest Game and Golfers have always made a great living compared to other sports. Did ya ever hear of a golfer having to sell cars or work construction in the off season to feed thier families. Unlike true sports players ie: Baseball. Hockey, etc. Just a little food for thought Golf isnt a Sport is a Game just like Billards, Bowling and Darts.

  • Terry T says:

    It’s nice to hear someone who played along side Tiger say what was obvious to the viewer. Who made Tiger God or King where everyone should bow to him?

  • TNT says:

    Jack, were you also ‘pretty upset’ by the loud f-bomb Tiger yelled on camera on Thursday when he hit a bad shot out of the fairway bunker on the 7th hole?

  • Craig says:

    The worship of all things Tiger has gotten out of control over the last decade. Every form of media that concentrates on the sport of golf have put this man on a pedestal and promoted him as the best thing to happen to golf this century. I watched tournaments on TV where they would spend airtime watching Tiger eat an energy bar or line up a putt and then ignore several contenders because the media figured that Tiger would attract more sponsors. This may have been true in the past but once his bubble burst the sponsors deserted him like rats from a sinking ship. I believe most golf fans watch golf on TV to see the amazing shots and putts by all the pros and I find the golf coverage more balanced lately.. Tiger may again rise to the top but everyone thought the same about David Duval and history speaks for itself in that regard.

  • Harry Barracuda says:

    You’re a serious Tiger Woods ass kisser.

  • Tony says:

    Have to agree with Mike Jack. You’re comments that Tiger’s one of the greatest ever and that rewards in the pro game are so much more because of him are all a ‘given’. But your anger at the rookie is unwarranted. He played with Tiger and was asked for his comments post round. He could have played the PR game and just said, “Tiger had a bad day at the office” or some such; which would have given us zero insight. The fact that, in his opinion, Tiger coasted after a bad start tells us that his game isn’t as bad as the score would reflect if he had been trying his hardest.

  • Pieter says:

    Come on, since when has Tiger Woods become God.Surely anyone can give his opinion regarding another player [as long as it is not Tiger Woods]
    You know what,sorry to dissapoint you all-Tiger Woods is just another human being,with an extraordinary talent which he eventually used to his advantage at that stage and that lead to his fall.This was merely an opinion from a co-player who had the balls to say it as it is.We certainly like to box people , like in this case -Tiger untouchable –Steele [rookie] not allowed to comment because …………..

  • Christopher says:

    This is what the world has come to. People disrespecting anyone once they think that person is pass use-by-date.

    So, as so many brash readers say, who is “Tiger Woods”? Such people even forget their parents much less a mere golfer.

    The only thing that these people who spout wise Karma sayings like “what goes around comes around” forget that is exactly what’s it’s all about. Their turn will come and it will hit them like a bad dream knowing that the rubbish is actually thrown in their direction.

  • Mardut says:

    I think Tiger is really a quitter now. Mike might even be on Tiger’s side and his comment revealed his frustration on his idol’s current performance.

  • Liam says:

    Everyone seems to be trying to take the ‘bounce’ out of Tigger! The result is in the story.

  • Graig says:

    I respectfully disagree with the author. Although a rookie, Brendan or in fact any pro that plays a round with another touring pro sees first hand what the other playing is doing. Regardless of how much they make or where they are in the tournament, they still have the right to an opinion. Theres nothing wrong with commenting in an honest and non-attacking way. People are over sensitive towards Tiger and walk on eggshells. Tiger admitted the feeling of being empowered, and I feel that it’s people treating him different that contributed to his downward spiral of personal choices.

  • Angus says:

    The kid just beat Tiger by five strokes and some talking head stuck a mic in his face and asked him how that could have happened. His choices were to clam up, say he was a better player than Tiger, or try to make excuses for Tiger’s lousy performance that day. It sounded to me like he did the latter — he tried his best to DEFEND Tiger; not throw him under the bus.

    Reporters never learn, but hopefully the kid learned an important lesson from this — avoid the press! And as for dissing Tiger … he did that to himself! The poor kid had no hand in it.

  • Peter Ibbs says:

    Well he will be here in Dubai next for the Desert Classic and up against some of the top Euro Tour guys. We hope he does not lay down and die here! He is playing on my “home” course and it looks in good nick with the rough nice, long and thick. Martin Kaymer is the man in form. It is wonderful to watch here, something like 10000 spectators per day – Tiger needs an Army of body guards and marshalls – the rest of the European Tour just get on with their jobs like the professionals they are.
    Can’t really see him winning again here in Dubai – but have been wrong before 🙂

  • Rich T says:

    Jack, there are many good points about this mentioned above. Tiger no doubt has earned, in the golf world, the reputation of being the best to have ever played the game. Is he? He still hasn’t beaten Jacks record! A youngster is out to make a name for himself. Why not do it to perhaps the greatest golfer of all time. He just made a name for himself. I personnally do not feel that Tiger was ready to come back. I think if he had taken more time off, to work on and save his marriage and family, then come back he would have better off. It is Tiger’s life, one his has made for himself. The gift has run it’s course. He exploited it and got caught. It is a shame and none of our business what he does in his personal life. To me at least! Tiger will deal with this kid. Yes, Tiger and many others paved the way for the kids today to enjoy big paychecks. But let’s face it – the golfers of today are spoiled brats – they never had to carry an M-16 on a battlefield to defend security and freedom for this country – they all can say what they want. The American military person does not have that same freedom to say what they want about their superiors or those who have gone before. All pro sports are over rated, players over paid for what they do. Tiger knows this better than anyone. Bottomline here is, the kid has the right in America to say what he wants. Tiger has the right to beat him in any given round to shut him up. Tiger has hauled the lumber of the sport for a long time. Still is the biggest draw in town! He will figure out his game and mental stuff, and get back to winning. The kid, we’ll see where he goes. Don’t worry Jack, Tiger will be back. Don’t be so biased!! Keep an open mind and heart. From a Retired U.S. Marine – go get’em Tiger!!

  • Jack (another one) says:

    Jack, I am one of only five or six people in the world who actually witnessed Brendan Steele’s statement outside of the scoring trailer—there were only five or six reporters there and I was one of them.

    Steele, who had just finished effusively praising Tiger for talking with him so much during the round when he didn’t have to, which Steele said had a lot to do with making him (Steele) feel comfortable out there, actually winced when a reporter asked him a truly ungolflike question: “How does it feel to beat Tiger Woods?”

    Steele stated that it wasn’t about “beating” anybody, that he couldn’t do anything to hinder anybody else’s play like in tennis, all he could was play the best he himself could play. In an obvious (to anyone there) attempt to downplay his better score than Tiger on that day, he continued by saying that he realized that Tiger did not have his best game back–that he was close but not there yet. Then, still downplaying his own better score, he pointed out that Tiger wasn’t in contention in the tournament, and he felt that Tiger would have been more intense out there had he been in a contending position. He finished up by saying that if Tiger played his best and shot a 64 while he (Steele) shot a 66, he’d be very happy.

    Does that sound like throwing Tiger under a bus to you, Jack? Someone who disrespects Tiger?

    Well, Jack, for screwing with this young rookie’s reputation, the one who was “stupid as stupid does,” was you, Jack. Take me off your subscription list. I’m sorry I ever bought your product.

  • DON says:

    Tiger is not above any of us.Steele called it right.Don’t critize him for telling it like he seen it.

  • Rod says:

    Let’s cut out all the crap…Woods may be the most decorated golfer but he is also the most disgraced!!!

    Could somebody please expalin to me why tennis players can play for four hours in intense heat and not spit…but golfers having a easy stroll in the park find it an essential part of their game.

    Disgraced and disgusting!!

  • Chris says:

    The argument you make is mainly an emotional one. The term Rookie is far from actually being junior – to get that status you have to grind some and be very talented.More objectively :

    Strike 1 Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Furthermore Steele’s opinion was more observational than extreme e.g. Hate speech.
    Strike 2 He was paired with Woods for 18 holes. If any one was qualified to give a comment on the mood of the round it would be the caddies or playing partner of Woods.
    Strike 3 It was Woods’ worst performance in the tournament to date.

    Sorry but I think your out !

    But I am sure you will take it with good spirit from this rookie blogger 😉



  • Phil Howley says:

    And you dont think Tiger set the bar when it comes to “disrespecting people” I dont think you can be more disrespectful than Tiger was to Elin.
    Not at all surprised that he threw the towell in;where on earth must his mind be.

  • brian says:

    I caddied for him once at a cdn tour event , it was just for one day because his caddy had to go home for a family matter, and he stiffed me,,,,,,,thats all I have to say

  • JIm Werschler says:

    I could not disagree with your comments any more. I suspect the poor rookie was asked what he thought and he told the truth. What was he supposed to do – protect a guy who has been protected for years allowing him to maintain the lifestyle he did? I only think he stated the obvious – your comments back that up. Who in any mind if Tiger were truly playing would expect a three thournament player to beat Tiger Woods in the same group on a Sunday of a tournament? Its time to quit giving Tiger all of the breaks and benefits of doubt and treat him like anyone else. I highly doubt this would have been an issue if these comments were directed to almost any other player on tour. Just because the guy is a great talent at golf does not give him the right to consistently act like an ass. Start showing some respect to the game like Nicklaus, Palmer Watson et al and the treatment will be afforded back the same way. Keep acting the way he is and this is the treatment he can expect – and rightly so.

  • Jere says:

    Jack, this rookie exercised his freedom of speech. After all, someone asked for his opinion and he expressed it.

    Tiger is a golfer on tour just as Steele and there is no difference in the two – Tiger threw in the towel.

  • Rick Crawford says:

    I can see your point, and whether he was right or wrong is immaterial, however I also feel for the players on tour who, no matter what kind of round they had the first question they are asked by the media is about Tiger. While I agree that even when he struggles he is a huge part of the tour, and a large reason for the big paydays, watching the coverage on Sunday was a little much. He was 44th, but they covered every shot he made till he finished. Can you say the same for any of the other bottom feeders on Sunday. The only way they get covered is if they make a hole in one, and yet Tiger gets more coverage than the leaders.

  • Richard DeSantis says:

    Isn’t Tiger allowed to have a bad day ? I’m sure I’m not alone in saying one day we go out & shoot even or 1 over. Next day, wow–hoping to break 80. Sure he’s one of the best, BUT even the best have an off day. I followed Tiger last year at the Barclays in NJ & saw him hit some incredible shots. I was next to him on 18 when he had to wait to tee off. I said to him ” man,you’re hitting some super shots out there today, keep it up”. He looked me in the eye and said ” thanks, I appreciate that”. Pretty damn cool ! Anyway, lets’ give him a break ! Enough is enough already !!

  • Trace says:

    Steele said a lot of good things about his round with Tiger but the media ran like papparazi with his last two closing sentences. What he said was right and I’m giving him a break, he’s a rookie, he’ll learn. I just hope Steele doesn’t get slammed so bad it affects him and/or his game. From what I understand he sent an apology to Tiger and he accepted it, case dismissed.

  • Pat says:

    Jack, it was good to see you backtrack a bit on your original attention getting headline of the tour rookie “throwing Tiger under the bus”. At least Steele’s statements were actually clarified by the other Jack who posted his comment above and who was there and heard the whole interview. Bottom line, the majority of the comments posted here supported Steele’s right to give his opinion of the round and probaly ageed that Tiger didn’t give his all once he knew he couldn’t win the tournament. Looking at what Steele said in context of his post round interview (in which he actually complimented Tiger on how he treated the rookie during the round), he certainly didn’t throw Tiger under the bus. Methinks you should get all the fracts next time before throwing a rookie under the bus!

  • Larry Novak says:

    I must say that I agree with Steele’s comments to a point yet disagree also first off his comments might get Tiger to come back to his old self and start kicking everyones butt again. Maybe this is what Tiger needs to get his game back again I sure hope so. Brendan it is up to you maybe next time you want to put someone under the bus maybe put yourself in that persons shoes and see if you would like some rookie talking about you if you were a season vetern. When you can achieve what Tiger has in your career then by all means cut down anyone you want. Please be for warned Tiger will be back and I will guess that you will be on his hit list and then we will see what you will have to say but I also want to thank you because I really think this will motivate Tiger. Come on Tiger lets do it I support you 100% and I know that you will be back stronger than before.
    These Are My Thoughts
    Larry Novak

  • Scorpian CB.Khor says:

    Sad not to see Tiger return to winning…Tiger had let his fans down and let himself down not to speak his family (sorry no talk on family – it is private)….but I belief Tiger will return sooner then later and he will otherwise without him GOLF is boring !……

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