Add Yards Off The Tee With This Drill

Some players don’t drive the ball as far as they could. The problem: They don’t get their weight moving to their front leg early enough in the swing. To max out your driving distance, you must feel the correct order of movement. Below is a drill that teaches you to your weight properly.

Set up with your weight equally distributed. Now swing back, exaggerating your weight shift as you do. It should feel as though you are pushing off on your front foot. Allow your front foot to come off the ground and move a few inches closer to your back foot, like your trying to click your heels. Your weight should be on your back foot by the time your hands reach waist high in your backswing.  Drive off your back foot just before starting your downswing, and step in and plant your front foot just ahead of the ball. Now swing aggressively through the ball.

If this sounds like you’re taking a baseball swing, your right. It’s what baseball players do when they step into a pitch. The key is swinging aggressively once you plant your front foot. Work on this drill at the practice range and you’ll add yards to your drives next time you go out.

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Author: Jack

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