Proper Golf Stance

Getting Home From The Rough

You pull your drive to the left and you end up in some really bad junk, about 180 yards from the green. With the rough so deep, it will be nearly impossible to reach the green with a long iron and your woods are too big to slice through the grass. Laying-up isn’t an option, either. You need to win the hole to win the match, so you must make something happen. Reach for the wonder club: the hybrid.

Below are five Keys to hitting this club:

  • Position the ball inside your front heel
  • Take the club back nice and slow
  • Make a full shoulder turn
  • Come down hard on the ball
  • Swing through to a full finish

The hybrid is a great tool to get home with from the rough. It’s a great option when you’re in bad junk. But golfers make two mistakes when hitting a hybrid: They try to (1) swing the club faster to generate more speed and (2) lift the ball in the air. Neither move helps.

Instead, take the club back low and slow, make a full shoulder turn, and swing through to a full finish, so your hips and shoulders are facing the target—just like you we’re hitting a 7-iron. Make sure you finish all the way up on your back toe—a sign you’ve gotten completely through the ball.

Swing down hard on the ball, which should be positioned just inside your front heel.  Trust the club’s loft to get the ball in the air. When you stop turning your shoulders through, the bottom of your swing moves too far behind the ball. This results in you hitting shots fat or thin.

The key here is the hybrid’s short hosel. This feature alone makes it a great choice from the rough. With other clubs, the hosel gets tangled in the grass, forcing the clubface open or shutting it down completely.


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