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Proper Golf Stance

Use the “Y” Drill To Improve A Flop Shot

Using the “Y” Drill teaches the proper relationship between your power center, your hands, and your club. It’s also a good drill to teach people to hit what some call a “mini-flop shot”—a short shot near the green that requires you to go over an obstacle and bite on the green. The same basic principles are involved in hitting the mini-flop shot as in hitting the full flop shot.

 Here’s how to use the “Y” Drill to improve a flop shot

 Set up with a 7-iron in your normal address position. Notice that your arms and the club form a “Y”. Your arms are the Y’s top, while the club is the Y’s stem. Swing the club toward the right so that the stem of the Y is parallel to the ground while the Y’s arms (your arms) are still pointing toward the sky. Now swing the club all the way through to the left. Stop swinging the club until the stem is parallel to the ground on the left and the Y’s arms (your arms) point toward the sky.

 Set up again in your normal address position with your most lofted wedge and a ball positioned just forward of your stance.  Now practice the drill as explained above using the ball. It will pop up, carry a few feet, and then bite when it hits the ground.

Use the “Y” Drill to improve a flop shot. This drill gives you a good idea of how your swing needs to stay connected through the full swing. Hitting a full flop shot is simply a matter of following through with your swing.

  • I agree that this is one of the hardest shots in golf and one which not only requires great technique but great touch. What always separates the greats from the rest of the pack in golf is “touch”.

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