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Five Steps To A “Go To” Drive

Most recreational golfers would love to break 80 even once. In order to do this, you must play well from the tee box. Developing a “go to” drive is key. A drive you can rely on when the pressure is on.  These 5 steps to a “go to” drive will help set up a good second shot, chops strokes off your score, and builds confidence.

  1. Set up with your driver left of target
  2. Place the ball well forward
  3. Swing five yards right of foot line
  4. Strive to make level contact
  5. Practice until you can do it on the demand

The easiest way to develop a “go to” drive is to hit a fade. Set up with your feet aimed about 20 feet left of target and the ball placed well forward in your stance. Opening your stance and playing the ball forward is critical to hitting a fade.

Take several practice swings before hitting. But don’t swing along your foot line. Instead, swing five yards to the right of your foot line. If your feet are aimed 20 yards left of target, swing about 15 yards left of target.

Strive to make level contact when swinging. You don’t want your weight on your back foot when hitting this shot. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty hitting a fade. The ball should start out left of target and comeback to the center. It should fly on a nice high trajectory.

Practice your fade at the range until you can hit it on demand. It will serve as your go-to drive in situations when you must find the fairway off the tee.

A “go to” drive will chops strokes off your score, and builds confidence on the course.




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