Improve Roll On Your Putts

De-lofting your putter when putting pushes the putterhead into the ground, causing your putts to bounce or skid off the putterface. These putts usually fail to hold the intended line. They often fail to go in as well. To sink more putts, get your ball to roll smoothly.

 This three-step drill teaches you to get your putts rolling smoothly:


1.      Take your normal stance. Point the club’s butt at your belt buckle

2.      Hold the club with your right hand and take your left hand off. Hook you left hand into your belt. Extend your left middle finger so it makes contact with the grip’s end.

3.      Now make some strokes, while keeping contact between your finger and the grip.

This drill forces the club’s butt end to point at your belt buckle throughout the stroke. This, in turn, makes the club swing slightly up through impact, imparting better roll on the ball.

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Author: Jack

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