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#5 Toughest Shot in Golf

You belt one straight down the middle. But it stops about 15 yards before your 3-wood distance. You really need to hit the green with your next shot. Also, you have a bit of a head wind, so keeping the ball low is a must. What do you do next?

One option is hitting a driver off the deck—one of the toughest shots in the game. Not many can hit a driver off the deck successfully. The driver has little loft, so it’s hard get-ting the ball in the air when not teed up. Hitting it on the upswing doesn’t work either. You’ll just top it.

Below are five keys to this shot:

1. Assume a slightly open stance
2. Tilt your back shoulder slightly
3. Keep your feet and legs quiet
4. Push off with your back foot
5. Finish in balance

When you hit driver off the deck, you need to do two things here: hit a cut to get the ball in the air and pick the ball clean from the turf.

Assume a slightly open stance. Point your shoulders 15 yards left of the pin. Tilt your back shoulder down slightly. And grip the club loosely. Play the ball off your front heel.

Now take the club back low and slow. Keep your legs and feet quiet, setting up a stable foundation. Concentrate on rotating your torso only. And make a full shoulder turn. Your back should face the target at the top.

Swing across the ball instead of down on it. You want to feel like you’re pulling your right hand toward your left hip on the way down. This gives you your cut. It also guards against catching too much turf.

Extend your arms fully through impact. Finish in balance. You should be facing the target with your body when done. The ball will come out low and fly left-to-right.

Driver off the deck comes in handy when your 3-wood is not quite enough. But it’s a tough shot to learn. For practice, try hitting your driver off hardpan without taking a divot. Hitting driver off the deck can get you those extra yards when you’re just beyond your 3-wood.


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