This Broom Drill Will Develop Your Distance And Accuracy

This is the first in a series of indoor drills. They’re simple and easy to do yet proven. They’ll help you hone your skills indoors.

Developing a powerful, accurate swing is a challenge. That’s why few golfers have these types of swings. The simple drill below—which you can do in your home or backyard—helps develop one.

Broom Drill

Find a long-handled broom. Most golfers use a standard kitchen broom. But any broom will do as long as it has a long handle. Setup to the ball and take some practice swings. Don’t change your swing. Make your normal swing. Take about 15 swings, take a break, and do it again.

The broom is a great teaching tool. Its weight won’t let you use an arms only swing. So you’ll have to involve your core to take a good swing, which is what you want.

The broom drill improves the sequencing of your backswing and downswing and stretches your golf muscles for the upcoming season.

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Author: Jack

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