Throw The Cones Drill

When we work new golfers, they tend to hit at the ball rather than swing through it. When they do that you create all sorts of bad shots. Hitting at the ball pushes golfers out of sync and out of position at impact. That’s deadly.

If you think you’re hitting at the ball instead of swinging through it, the drill below will corrects this tendency.

Throw The Cones Drill

Position a target about 15 feet from you. A Hula-Hoop makes a good target. Now address a stack of road cones. Take one cone from the top and toss it with both hands in an under-hand fashion. Try to land each cone in the Hula-Hoop. And try to finish with your hips and shoulders in line. That’s a good indicator that your arms have worked together to swing the cone through to a target.

If you can’t get road cones, you can use medicine balls or basketballs. You just need some-thing with a little weight to it. After a few times throwing the cones (or balls), hit five golf balls right away to transfer this motion directly to your swing.

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