Most Popular Golf Tips That Really work (Part I)

We give a lot of golf lessons in a year. Students taking our lessons come from all over. Some are beginners. Others are experienced. Some have high golf handicaps. Others have low golf handicaps. Some play public courses. Others belong to country clubs.
These students all have one thing in common: They all want to improve so they can break 80 some day. Having this goal, they let you know what golf tips work. This feedback is great. It tells us which tips are effective and which tips are not effective.

Below are seven of our most popular golf tips.

They’ve all been gleaned from our golf lessons and they’re all popular with our students. That’s because they really work. When we find tips that really work, we pass them on. Of course, every tip didn’t work for every one of our students. But the majority of these tips worked for the majority of students. We guarantee they’ll work for you and help you break 80.

Feel the connection
The golf swing is a totally connected action. Achieving this “connection” isn’t easy. Many golfers have a hard time doing so. If your swing isn’t connected, try this: Stand in your normal address position holding a shag bag of balls (or a similar weighted object). Hold it in front of you with two hands. Make sure your weight is equally distributed.
Now take the bag back slowly. Then rotate and throw it toward an object. Make sure everything—your hands, shoulders, and torso—work together.
Also, make sure you keep your head as still as possible and you’re braced against your front leg when throwing the bag. This is the feeling you need to achieve when swinging a club.

Stay within your feet
You need a lot of hand speed to really drive the ball. Not everyone has the required hand speed. So they use excessive body action to make up for it.
To remedy this, picture yourself coiling and uncoiling so that no part of your torso moves beyond the confines of your feet. In other words, stay within your feet. Let your hands and arms move beyond the outer edge of your front foot.

Ingrain the correct sequence
To really drive a ball, your timing must be perfect—or as near perfect as you can get it. Timing is a matter of sequence. To ingrain the right sequence, try this drill:
After addressing the ball, draw your front foot back to your back foot. Next, swing to the top as far without losing your balance.
Then stride forward with your front foot as you swing the club. Keep your arms relaxed and make sure your hands and arms chase your body until they catch up with it at impact.

Putt with your left ear
Do you miss a lot of short putts? It’s often because you peeked to see the ball go in the cup. When you peek, your head moves. It may be only slightly. But it’s enough to throw the putt off. To stop missing short puts, do two things:
First, aim the putterface precisely. Then focus on the start of your putting line as you putt. Ignore the cup. This tip makes every short putt a straight one.
Second, keep your head down until you hear the ball drop into the cup with your left ear. This tip keeps your head still, which almost guarantees you’ll sink the putt.
These five golf tips work. Practice them daily. They’ll help you hit the ball farther and straighter, eliminate swing flaws, and boost consistency.

Next time we’ll provide five more golf tips for you that can help you break 80 and slash your golf handicap.

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