Ten Golfswing Tips That Really Work (Part II)

Last time we covered 4 golfswing tips that really work. We talked about feeling the connection, staying within your feet, ingraining the correct sequence (timing), and putting with your left ear.

This week we focus on 6 more golfswing tips that really work.

We talk about releasing the club, making a strong body turn, hitting great irons, and executing a good shoulder turn. We also talk about getting out of the sand and unifying your hands.

These golfswing tips were gleaned from our golf lessons. We’ve seen these tips enhance a player’s fundamentals. We’ve seen them supercharge player’s swings. And we’ve seen them build a player’s confidence. They’ll do the same for you.

Releasing the club

Releasing the club correctly is critical to achieving pinpoint accuracy. To ingrain that feeling, practice the Throwing a Ball drill described below:

Hold your club straight up, with your left hand on top and the club head on the ground. Now with a ball in your right hand, swing your right arm back where it would be at the top of your backswing. Then throw the ball under your left arm and inside the clubshaft.

Form a “K” with your legs

We stress how important a good turn is to generating power. To increase your shoulder turn, make your left hip and left shoulder turn with your backswing. Do this slowly. Keep your hands and arms light.

As you turn away from the ball, let your left knee turn inward to the right so your legs form a “K”. Then start your downswing with your right knee swinging to the left to form a backward “K” in the opposite direction.

Knuckles down for great irons

Knowing how to take loft off a club comes in handy on windy days. To do that with an iron, you must keep your left wrist bowed through impact. As your big muscles rotate to the left through the shot, keep your left-hand knuckles facing down.

This move puts you in the ideal position to take loft off the club by delivering a descending blow, with much less loft than you had at address. Players with high golf handicaps often do the opposite.

Point your shoulder toward the ball

Your shoulder must move down and around in the backswing. If you do this correctly, your front shoulder points toward the ball at the swing’s top. This puts you in the ideal position to hit the ball squarely and forcefully.

Escape the sand

If you allow your hands to lead the club through the hitting area, you’ll take loft off your SW. This move reduces the depth of the SW’s flange and minimizes the rudder effect of the club’s bounce.

To get the feel of hitting through the sand, practice using just your right hand to hit the ball. This forces that hand to trail the clubhead. That’s the feeling you want when hitting sand shots.

Control your ball flight

Both hands must act as one to control ball flight. To ensure that they do, you must grip the club correctly.

The key to building a solid grip is to make sure the shaft is just under the muscle pad at the inside of the heel of the left hand. Make sure the shaft lies directly across the top joint of the forefinger.

Now close the left hand—close the fingers before you close the thumb—and the club will be just where it should be.

These six golf tips work.  But you must practice them. Start with one golfswing tip at a time, so you don’t confuse the brain. When you’ve mastered that tip, move on to the next. Ingraining these golf tips will supercharge your swing and your game.

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