Drain More Putts With This Putting Drill

Even the best players in the world look up after they’ve made a putt. It’s only natural. But looking up can cause you to come out of your stance and make an awkward, off-line stroke. That in turn can cause you to miss putts.

This drill teaches you to stay in your stance until the ball is well on its way to the hole.

Back! Hit! Stop! Drill

Drop some balls down on the putting green. Take your stance. Putt the ball. As you do say Back! Hit! Stop! Try to get your voice right on the points of transition, impact, and stop positions. Keep your focus on the putter until it stops moving. The ball will be already in the hole by the time the putter stops.

The Back! Hit! Stop! Drill can cure you of the bad habit of looking up too soon when putting. It’s a simple drill that’s proven effective time and time again.

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Author: Jack

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