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Golf Driving Tips

Hitting A Hybrid From Deep Rough

Do you hit your hybrid from deep rough? If not, try it sometime. A potent weapon, the hybrid can save strokes when you’re in trouble. It’s ideal when in the deep stuff with a long way to go. The ability to get you out of the rough like this is why the hybrid is also called a rescue club.

The key to hitting a hybrid from deep rough is the clubhead’s mass. It helps the clubhead power through deep grass like a knife through butter. But to hit a hybrid from the deep stuff, you must adjust your setup and swing.

Here are 6 keys to hitting a hybrid from deep rough:

• Hit down on the ball
• Take a slightly wider stance
• Choke up a bit on the club
• Play the ball in the middle
• Take a shorter backswing
• Hit with a punch-shot type swing

You can use more of a sweeping swing when hitting the hybrid from the fairway wood. You can’t do that in the rough. You must hit down, like when hitting a short iron.

You also must adjust your setup and stance. Take a slightly wider stance, play the ball in the middle, and choke down on the grip. Choking down increases club control. Use a shorter backswing.

Some players like to hit a “punch-shot” type of swing when hitting from deep rough with a hybrid Experiment. See what works for you.

And take some extra practice swings before hitting. They’ll tell you how the grass will affect your swing when cutting through the grass.

You can hit a hybrid from deep rough. But you must adjust your setup and swing to do it. Hitting the hybrid from deep rough can you save strokes when in trouble, especially when it’s a long way to the pin.


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