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Hitting The Hybrid: 5 Proven Golf Tips

Hybrids are among the most playable clubs in your bag. It’s why so many golfers carry them—pro and amateur. It’s also why we encourage students taking our golf lessons to try them.

Hybrids are also highly versatile. You can use them almost anywhere. In addition to hitting them from the fairway, the rough, the sand, the pine straw, and the green’s collar.

You can also hit hybrids off the tee and in a bunker. You can even hit a bump and run with them. When hit well, they can help you cut strokes from you scores and golf handicaps.

For some their hybrids are their go-to clubs. Padraig Harrington often uses a hybrid when the pressure is on and he needs to make a shot. They’ve helped him win some majors, including the U.S Open and PGA Championship.

Hybrids Are Easier To Hit

Hybrids are easier to hit than long irons. But mastering them, like mastering any club, is challenging.

Below are 5 proven golf tips gleaned from our golf lessons that will help you master your hybrids and make them go to clubs.

1. Square up at the start

You must square up at address with a hybrid. Here’s how: Grip the club with your right hand, place the clubhead behind the ball, and then square the clubhead up with the target. Step in with your right foot, then your left foot. Then place your left hand on the grip. Now you’re set up perfectly square.

2. Sweep the ball out of a divot

Hybrids are ideal for hitting out of fairway divots. Hybrids sweep the ball out, while irons digs into the divot’s edge. But you must setup with your weight about 6o percent over your front leg to a hybrid like a pro.

Also, play the ball two ball-widths back from the inside of your left heel, hinge quickly during your backswing, and drive your hips and knees toward the target on your downswing. Strive for ball first contact.

3. Watch out for big hybrids

Hybrids are designed to replace irons. You’re meant to play them as irons and do better when fitted with iron shafts—not wood shafts. But some hybrids come with extra big clubheads. These play more like fairway woods. So use more of a sweeping swing.

4. Keep your arms soft to hit a draw

You’re hybrid can hit help you hit a power draw—even if you’ve never hit one before. The hybrid’s shorter shaft length and extra head weight make it easy.

Play the ball about one ball-width back from where you normally do. Aim your body down the right side of the fairway. Then fire away. Make a full shoulder turn. The key: keep your front arm soft as you rotate it the left.

5. Stand taller in fairway bunkers

Hybrids work well from fairway bunkers. Their soft leading edges and low centers of gravity let you skim across the bunker’s surface.

But you need to stand a bit taller at address so the club’s leading edge lines up with the ball’s equator. This helps prevent the club from digging into the sand.

Hybrids are highly versatile, playable clubs. Many golfers use them as go to clubs. Padraig Harrington does. But you’ll need to master them to make them a go to club.

Use the 5 golf tips above to help master your hybrids. They can help you break 80 and cut strokes from your golf handicap.


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