Back 2 Basics: Mastering Your Downswing

Rushing your downswing is a power killer—maybe the worst. When you “snatch” the club from the top, you create a downswing that’s cramped and narrow. This forces you to swing down on top of the ball, losing both power and direction. That’s not what you want with the driver—or with any club. Rushing your downswing also forces you to make on-the-fly adjustments to your swing, which can cause you to mis-hit.

Below are five keys to executing a dynamic downswing:

1. Get “in the slot”
2. Rotate your shoulder completely
3. Keep the back knee flexed
4. Shift your weight “down the line”
5. Find the inside track

Getting in the right position at the top of your swing depends mostly on your backswing. It’s called “getting into the slot.” Executing a good backswing gets you into the slot in perfect position for your downswing.

A key to accessing the slot is rotating your shoulder a complete 90 degrees (or as close to that as you can get). This move helps take the club naturally into the slot at the top.

After getting into the slot, you need make two moves to start your backswing. The first is to keep your back knee flexed slightly as you start to come down. This creates the “resis-tance you need to power the ball long and straight.

The second is to shift your weight forward gradually. Don’t rush this move. Smoothness is the secret here. And keep your knees braced to support the body’s unwinding.

Also, come down into the ball on an inside track. Dropping your back elbow down to your side as you come down delivers the clubface squarely to the ball. Many call this golf’s “magic move”.

If you move to the inside track correctly, it flattens the swing plane ever so slightly. This is the ideal position from which to swing the club.

Focus on this feeling when practicing. Then incorporate it into your full swing.

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