The Right Way To Start Back

The right way to start back is low and slow. Those first few inches are the swing’s most critical maneuver. But many weekend golfers start their swings by lifting the clubhead upward, creates a tight, upright backswing. This type of backswing leads to all kinds of trouble.

The drill below trains you to start back low and slow;

Setup in your normal stance with a wet mop. Now start your swing. As you take the mop back, the weight and length of the mop head forces you to stay low and slow. As you move to the top, make sure the mop head gets behind your body. If its hands over your head, your head will get drenched. Once at the top, stop and start the exercise over.

Practice this drill as much as possible to achieve a smooth, wide takeaway. It will ingrain the proper takeaway motion and stop you from lifting the clubhead upward in your back-swing.

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Author: Jack

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