7 Tips to Tweak Your Golf Stance For Monster Yardage

Want more power from your golf swing? Try looking for it in your golf stance. That’s right. Try looking for it in your golf stance.

Believe it or not, your stance makes a BIG difference when it comes to generating power off the tee. In fact, using the right stance can easily add 20 to 25 yards to your drives.

Adopting a technically correct golf stance provides a solid foundation from which to start your golf swing. That, in turn, adds miles per hour to your swing speed. For every mile per hour you add to your swing speed, you add two to three more yards to your drive.

So if you can boost swing speed by five or six miles per hour, you’ll increase your average distance off the tee by about 20 yards. That can be just enough length to help you beat those long courses that often hurt golf scores. Beating them will help you break 80 and reduce your golf handicap.

Below are seven golf tips that can help you build a golf stance that will boost swing speed and help max out power off the tee:

1) Bend from the hips: It’s one thing to bend. It’s another to bend from your hips. Make sure you bend from your hips. Bending from your hips flattens your back and holds you in your posture when swinging at high swing speed. To bend at your hips, push your butt out and point your belt buckle at the ball.

2) Push your hands away from you: The farther the club is from your spine, the faster it will travel through the swing. So push your hands away from you when setting up. To do that, let your arms hang nicely under your shoulders, then push your hands out to a comfortable position.

3) Flare your front foot: Flaring your front foot helps transfer energy to the ball. It also helps you to rotate faster and be more open at contact. Both are good things. But be careful. You don’t want to flare out your foot more than a few degrees. Flaring it out too much can cause you to slice.

4) Use a strong left-hand grip: A cupped wrist is a powerful wrist in golf. Taking a strong left-handed grip cups your left wrist. The extra gripping power that a cupped wrist produces comes in handy when swinging fast. To take a strong grip, turn your left hand until you can see three knuckles and a slight kink in your left wrist.

5) Tilt your hips slightly: If your back hip is higher than your front one, you’ll probably sway when swinging. That’s bad. So set your front hip slightly higher than your back hip or set them even. To set your front hip higher, bump it slightly to the front. That drops your back shoulder down a bit and increases your lean to the right.

6) Align your forearms: You swing your golf club back on a line created by your forearms. So if one forearm is higher than another, it throws you off the proper swing plane. That kills swing speed. Instead, set your forearms in line with your shoulders and arms. To do it, sole the club with both arms straight. Then bend your right elbow slightly toward your right hip.

7) Set up in balance: Swing speed means nothing if you don’t make good contact. The best way of making good contact is by being balanced in your golf stance. To get a feel for this, set up with your butt against a wall. Then check your heels. They should be about 4 to 6 inches from the wall. That settles your body in near-perfect balance. Remember how this feels when setting up to the ball for real.

These seven golf tips are the keys to a power-laden golf stance, which can boost swing speed. That can add 20 to 25 yards to your drives. Adding those extra yards can help you beat those long courses that drive you crazy. It can also help you break 80 and reduce your golf handicap.

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