6 Ways to Get Up-and-Down Around the Green

Do you waste strokes around the green?

If you do, then breaking 80 just got harder… a lot harder. You can’t waste strokes around the green score well. It’s too costly.

One way to beat this challenge is to hit every green you aim at.  That way you’re always putting. But that’s simply not possible.

So what’s the answer?

Practice the short shots around the green that you hit the most. That way you waste as few strokes as possible.

Mastering these shots will help you shoot low scores. That helps reduce your golf handicap and makes the game more enjoyable.

Below are six golf tips that can help you eliminate wasted greenside shots. Gleaned from my golf instruction sessions, they’ll help you get up and down more often, and take your game to the next level:

1) Use a downward blow on pitches: Many weekend golfers try to scoop the ball when hitting pitches. That’s the kiss of death. Instead, make a descending blow into the back of the ball. You also want to avoid flipping the face at impact. Imagine yourself lighting a match with the clubhead and ball–brush it just enough to “light” it.

2) Control swing length on mid-range pitches: Keeping a consistent swing tempo on pitches is paramount. So use swing length to control distance on mid-range pitches. The farther away your pitch, the longer your swing. Also, make sure your follow-through matches your backswing length.

3) Lean left on chips: Too many golfers hang back when chipping. That’s a fatal flaw. Instead, lean forward a bit. That changes your center of gravity, encourages a descending blow, and provides more control over the shot. Also, play the ball in the center or slightly back of center. That keeps your weight forward during the shot.

4) Use a hybrid for chipping: Hybrids are great for chipping. Their wider soles make it easier to cut through the grass and make solid contact. The trick with using a hybrid to chip is to expect more roll on the shot. Also, use your putting stroke on this type of shot.

To practice it, wrap a towel around the hybrid’s shaft. Then tie a knot around the lower end or shaft. Now make some strokes. If the towel creases or wrinkles, you swing has broken down.

5) Retain some firmness on chips: With chips you want to retain firmness in your left arm through impact. You also want to limit your body rotation. These are two keys I focus on when giving golf lessons on chipping. They help you control trajectory and boost your feel for how far the ball flies and rolls after hitting.

6) Match the slope on bunkers: It’s critical that your shoulders match the angle of the slope in bunkers. Also, on downhill bunker shots, make an aggressive swing down and through the ball while staying low on the finish. Expect to hit the sand a bit heavier on downhill bunker shots, but lighter on uphill bunker shots.

Work on these six golf tips next time you’re at the range. You might not find all of them helpful. But you will find some of them to be. They’ll help you cut down wasted shots around the green.

Eliminating wasted shots around the green is a good thing. It cannot only help you break 80 but also reduce your golf handicap. So work hard at eliminating them.

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