7 Easy Tips to Power Up Your Backswing

Do you read golf tips on how to hit longer drives? Most golfers do. And with good reason. Hitting it longer off the tee sets you up for easier approach shots, increasing your chances of carding more pars and birdies. Doing that can help you break 80 and lower your golf handicap.

But hitting it longer off the tee is easier said than done. One key to doing so is your backswing. That’s where you store the potential energy you need to hit monster drives. The secret to creating this energy in your backswing is to make the right moves at the right time. Doing that plugs the power leaks that can cost you distance.

Below I discuss the seven key phases of your backswing. I also provide golf tips to execute the right moves at the right time for you to store the potential energy you need to bombs them off the tee:

1) Create a wide swing arc: One golf tip on how to hit bombs is to create a wide swing arc. To do it, you need to maintain a straight (or as straight as possible) left arm. That, along with a full shoulder turn, positions your hands as far away from your head as possible.

2) Make a powerful turn: The secret to a powerful turn is your spine tilt. Once you set it at address, keep it there. To do that, imagine a rod running through your head all the way to the ground. Now turn your torso “around” that rod. Doing so is the easiest way to create the rotational speed and proper weight shift needed to hit bombs.

3) Turn Early, tilt early: Do most of your turning and tilting early in your swing. In fact, starting your shoulders right from the outset. If you turn the right way while also tilting, the club will automatically find the right plane. Keep your left arm under your chin when you tilt.

4) Keep your back leg stable: Ideally, you want to shift your weight to the inside edge of your back foot. That allows you to drive your front side and rotate your hips on the downswing. To do this correctly, keep your back hip in place and maintain the flex in your back knee. Doing both these things creates a stable platform on which to shift your weight.

5) Maintain your posture: Moving away or toward your target saps power from your swing. Instead, maintain your posture by turning in place. To practice this move, set up with your head pressed against a wall. Now make your swing while keeping your head against the wall.

6) Make a good shoulder turn: The more you turn your shoulders, the more rotational power you store in your backswing. A good drill to ingrain this move is to put a club on the ground perpendicular to the target line and against the inside of your right foot. Now hold a driver across your chest and turn. Try to get the shaft your holding across your chest to point to the shaft on the ground.

7) Increase your wrist hinge: The easiest way to boost power is to increase your wrist hinge as you end your backswing and start your downswing. It’s called lag. While this move is harder to do than it seems, keeping your wrists loose when you swing will help create the lag you need for generating awesome power. When you do that, your wrists will naturally hinge into a power lever to help you hit bombs off the tee.

If you’re serious about hitting longer drives, ingrain these golf tips in your back swing. Work on one of them at a time. When you’ve ingrained one, move onto the next until you’ve ingrained them all.

Ingraining these golf tips will help you create a powerful backswing with the potential energy you need to hit bombs off the tee. Doing that will help you break 80 and lower your golf handicap.

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