How to Hit Ultra-Precise Wedges and Golf Irons (Part II)

Power off the tee is great. But hitting more greens in regulation (GIR) with pinpoint golf irons is just as important as belting long drives.

In fact, hitting more greens in regulation is critical to going low. One of the keys to doing this is hitting long approach shots accurately.

Some golfers attack long approach shots with hybrids. But others use traditional long golf irons. These clubs are a challenge to hit well. If you use them and you rarely hit them solid, your technique may be faulty. Hitting these clubs solidly—and accurately—takes proper technique.

Below are six golf tips on hitting long golf irons shots pure.

1) Golf iron setup is key: Setting up correctly is key to hitting solid and accurate golf iron shots. Take a balanced athletic stance, use a bit more flex at address than usual, and play the ball forward but not too far forward. Playing the ball too far forward makes it hard for you to make a descending blow.

Tiger Woods positioned the ball two inches forward of center when hitting long irons. But everyone is different. So find the right position to place your ball and use it when hitting long irons.

2) Make a slow takeaway: Rushing the takeaway is among the most common errors you can make when hitting your long irons. A slow start to your swing makes the rest of it smooth. More important, it helps keep you on the right swing plane—another critical element of a good long iron swing.

3) Make a good shoulder turn: Making a good shoulder turn is critical every time you swing a golf club. You also need to tilt your shoulders down a bit. Do most of your turning and tilting early in your swing.

In fact, start turning your shoulders almost from the start. If you turn the right way while also tilting, the club will automatically find the right plane. Keep your left arm under your chin when you tilt.

4) Use a smooth transition: Rushing your transition is a common swing error you may be making if you’re hitting weak long irons weak. So don’t rush your transition. Make a nice smooth transition to your downswing. The smoother you make it, the purer you’ll strike the ball.

5) Keep your hips level: Another key to hitting crisp long golf irons is balance. Keep your knees stable (or at the same height as at address), and your hips level as you turn counter clockwise toward the target. Again, don’t rush the swing.

6) Finish in balance: When you finish in balance, it tells you that you put a good swing on the ball. The key to doing this with a long golf iron is to swing through until your belt buckle faces the target and your weight is on your forward foot. Finish this way and you’ll get the results you want—solid contact and high trajectory.

To practice hitting long irons, Tiger Woods picks out a target about 100 yards away and hits to it. He swings at half speed and focuses on making solid contact by hitting the sweet spot on the club. Swinging fast and hard only makes it harder to find the sweet spot. So slow down your swing. And don’t forget to shift your weight during the swing.

Power can only take you so far in golf. After that, you need to hit greens in regulation. And that takes hitting ultra-precise golf wedges and long golf iron shots. Hit those types of shots with help from the golf tips I’ve provided and you’ll not only card more pars and birdies, but also cut strokes off your golf handicap.

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Author: Jack

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