This Golf Drill Will Help Eliminate Heel and Toe Hits Forever

No More Toe Hits!

If your ball striking feels mushy, you could be making contact near the club’s toe. That’s a common problem for many weekend golfers. While your shots may travel straight with toes hits, you’re often a club or two clubs shorter than you should be, costing you precious yards. The drill below helps you eliminate toe hits forever.

Heel and toe hits come from taking a poor swing path. If you’re catching the ball on the toe, your swing path is too much across the line. Fixing this swing flaw is hard to do. But the drill below corrects this swing flaw:

The Two Tee Drill

Sole your club first. Set two tees in the ground at the range. Put one tee off the toe of your 7-iron and another tee off the club’s heel. Set up with the clubface’s center against the inside tee. But when you swing try hitting the outside tee during your swing. This move makes you swing more inside out than before. That, in turn, moves the contact point from the toe to the center of the clubface, promoting solid contact at impact.

After making several practice swings, hit some balls. You should make better contact than you were making before.

This drill can make a big change in your swing path in just a few attempts. But don’t give up if it doesn’t do it right away. Instead, keep working on the drill.

Eventually, you’ll start making solid contact. 

Take a look at our Short Game Drill Video, which will dive into these drills a little bit more, improving your consistency and swing.

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