Boost Yardage with this Golf Drill

2 Key Components of the Golf Swing

The golf swing has two power moves: rotation and weight shift. These two moves let you make a powerful coil and unleash it coming down. But golfers don’t always feel these moves when swinging. So, they fail to take advantage of them. To create a powerful coil, you must turn above a braced lower body. That creates resistance. You then shift your weight.

Below is a simple golf drill that teaches you to use both rotation and weight shift to generate more power:

Resistance Bands Golf Drill

Take your address position with a 7-iron. Wrap a resistance band around your waist. Then have a friend pull it tight while standing in front of you but on the target line. With the pull of the band you need to be in a strong athletic setup, so you don’t get dragged over. Now make your backswing. Keep your lower body braced over the ball. You should feel your hips rotate, not slide.

Next, have your friend move behind you but along the target line. Then have the friend pull the band tight. Execute your downswing. Feel the band’s resistance as you shift your lower body forward and your upper body responds. Your arms will drag into a good position. Repeat the drill until you can remember the feel.

Having felt these two key moves with help from this golf drill, ingrain them in your normal swing. That helps you boost power and squeeze out more distance from your swing.

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